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Prayer Wall


In March 2015 God really put it on my heart to start a prayer journal.  Last year’s school year (2014-2015) was HARD, and it drove me to my knees maybe more than ever before.  In those hard moments on my knees I found the sweetness of my savior like never before.  I really feel like prayer has brought me SO MUCH CLOSER to Him.


As I began writing my prayers in my little green journal, I felt like God was taking my burdens as I laid them on the pages in different colored inks.  Some days I wept as I read my prayers out to God, pleading with Him about many areas of my life and pleading with Him for my loved ones as well.


Over the Summer God really put it on my heart to pray for a prayer partner.  In September that prayer was answered…my precious friend Rita became an even sweeter prayer partner and true friend.  God is so good and faithful.


Writing down my prayers has made it so visual for me to see them as they get answered.  I can go back and read what I cried out to God for and rejoice in His will and answers.


In November, my prayer partner and I (along with a precious group of friends) traveled to the Holy land together.


Visiting the Western Wall (wailing wall) was so powerful for me.  I think God has so strongly impressed the desire and need even for prayer in my life that this place of prayer moved me more than I expected.


I stood there watching and listening as these women earnestly prayed and sought God and was moved to tears.  Prayer is so beautiful, so personal, and brings such a deep connection to our Lord.  My precious friend and prayer partner, Rita and I prayed at the Western wall…we prayed for all the souls there that might not yet have believed on their Messiah…it was truly an impressionable time of prayer for me.

I wrote down deep desperate prayers from my heart on little slips of paper, rolled them into little tubes, and pressed them into the cracks of these Herodian stones.  I was reminded in myself of my little green prayer journal…where I often pour out prayers and petitions to God with my pen…where some of the pages are tear-soaked and the ink has ran…that little prayer journal is my own wailing wall, it’s my own place to cry out to God, to thank God, and to plead with Him.  I am so thankful that I can pray where ever, whenever, and with whomever.  I can talk to my Lord with or without my little green journal, and I can talk to Him at the Western wall or in my home knees bent at our brown couch.

I am thankful that God has strengthened my prayer life so immensely…I stress that God has done it not me…at anytime I could falter and grow weary, but God has impressed this need and hunger in me for prayer time with Him.  I am also thankful for the dark days, dark times that have driven me to my knees…I know God has a plan in these painful times and that He can bring beauty from  ashes.

So, today I sit at my Jesus’ feet with my little green “prayer wall” in hand and I pour out my prayers to Him.  I beg with Him to show me His plans to prosper me and not to do me harm.  I trust that He has greatness for me and that He loves me.


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