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What answered prayer looks like.


I’m actually embarrassed at how quickly I fall to ruin over tiny details most times.  Most recently, the thought of having to find a new apartment just completely wrecked me….well at first then I remembered to trust in Him alone …..and I consoled myself in God’s truths.

IMG_1709 (1).JPG

He has the BEST timing!

He has the BEST plan!

He has the BEST apartment for us!


After going to see at least 7 apartments for rent, cancelling 2 appointments before even seeing them, and having precious Hungarian friends call countless other apartments for us….I began to see that I was striving for this apartment thing….God is in control of ALL, so He can handle our apartment.  After each failed attempt at finding the right place I uttered into the atmosphere (perhaps to look spiritual, to comfort myself, to pretend to trust God even though my faith was weak) “God must have something better for us, so we won’t settle”.  I cried out to God in prayer to show us the right apartment, in His timing (but really in my heart I cried “NOW LORD PLEASE”).


The end (or should I say beginning) of this little apartment faith venture is that God indeed did have something better for us….WAY BETTER!  We are beyond excited for this next chapter of our lives in our new little apartment.


Today as I wrote in my little green prayer journal, I wrote THANK YOU!  I wrote thank you for answering our prayers in specifics with this little apartment.  For me today, answered prayer looks like a list of specifics we wanted in our new apartment written down in my prayer journal each with a check mark next to them because God provided all of them in our new place.  I love how God shows me He knows my desires, He loves me…He loves me even when I am embarrassingly quick to fall to ruin over stupid little details that He has in the palm of His hand…He is tender with me and is faithful to me…..



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