It’s Official

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For over a year now Tim and I have been going through the motions in faith to become approved to adopt a baby here in Hungary.  After a whole lot of prayer, paperwork, home visits, more prayer, meetings with social workers, adoption classes, did I mention prayer?, we are FINALLY approved!  So now we are finished waiting to wait, and we can now just truly wait!

002A6033 - Version 2

What are we waiting for?  We are trusting God for His perfect pick for us….for the baby that we are praying for….for the baby that needs us to be his or her parents….we are trusting Him for the baby that we pray for every day.  This precious one is growing in our hearts.

002A6033 - Version 3

We love this baby so much and can’t wait to meet him or her!  We are trusting God for His perfect timing in the placement of our little into our arms, home, and life.  Now that we are just truly waiting, with no more steps to get approved, we pray that God moves quickly.


Would you pray for us while we wait?

God has already been so faithful and personal with us during the waiting to wait time period.  We trust He will be faithful during the true waiting period.

Please pray for our precious little….pray for his or her birth momma….pray for his or her health….pray for his or her safety in the womb and out of the womb after he or she is born.


We are excited and proud to announce this journey we are on!

God has already showed Himself strong and true in this process for us.

Please pray with us as we continue.  We really feel like adoption is a part of why God called us here to Hungary!  We cannot wait to meet our little and love him or her up!


We don’t know what these next days, weeks, or months will bring….we are trusting God that our future has a precious little in it!  We covet your prayers and are so appreciative of your love and support as we walk through this exciting journey!

We had a lot of fun taking these pictures (it’s worth making these pictures above bigger to see the joy on our faces in some of the shots)!  A HUGE thank you to Jon our friend, neighbor, and co-laborer here for taking such wonderful photos!  Jon you truly captured the joy we have in making this announcement, and you patiently edited each one.  THANK YOU JON, our little will be privileged to have you as a pseudo uncle here in Budapest and for life!


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