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Jesus in Color

A week ago we celebrated the death and resurrection of my precious Lord and Savior Jesus….and OH WHAT A TREASURE it was for me to see Jesus through the eyes of my littles!


If you look at almost the exact middle of the picture above you will find a little yellow country….that is Hungary….that is where God has called my husband and I to live….this is where we now call home….this is where God has called us to SO MUCH MORE….this is where God has called me to reach the world, one precious little at a time!

This Easter was deeply precious to me in many ways.  I spend my days with 6 and 7 year olds…they see Jesus so clearly….they have such amazing faith…when they “get” the gospel they “REALLY GET” it….they almost weep when they hear about or think about Christ’s crucifixion….then they are full of joy, rejoicing about his resurrection!

My class is quite diverse this year….they do not all come from Christian homes, in fact some come from quite the opposite….my littles are deep thinkers and they often ask deep questions about Jesus and Heaven, lots of whys? and what ifs?…and one precious little girl of mine REALLY just wants to see Jesus! She wants to know His face, she wants to be able to talk to Him and touch Him….


On Good Friday our librarian had an “egg hunt” in the library for all the kids to enjoy.  This “egg hunt” was unique because it was more like a scavenger hunt with tasks.  One of the tasks written on the eggs was to draw a picture of Jesus in color.  I was delighting myself in the Lord as I watched these littles stretch out on the floor with their papers and colored pencils and just DRAW JESUS IN COLOR!  All of them did it….no questions about what He looks like…even my little girl who really wants to see Jesus in “real life”….they all had a picture of Him in mind and created it on paper.


Their pictures varied in color, shape, size….but they all did it without question…they know Jesus….they can produce a picture of Jesus in color.


This activity was such a blessing to me.  My littles are learning about my Lord….and they have FAITH….and they LOVE Jesus….and they SEE HIM IN COLOR!  Through them (my littles) and our call here I see Jesus in color MORE AND MORE.  His love and care for me have become more real and personal each day….in this faith journey He has us on….in my quiet time with Jesus and my green leather journal….in my friends that He has brought here to Hungary that will joyfully sit and dye Easter eggs with me till late in the evening.


I am SEEING Jesus IN COLOR…and not just on these pieces of paper…I am seeing Him and experiencing Him in His day to day care for me.  I am experiencing Jesus in the joy I have even when my circumstances are not joyful.  I am overwhelmed that He loves me enough to tell my husband and I to go….to go to that “little, tiny, yellow country in the middle of Europe”….to go reach “the world” in my little brightly colored first grade classroom.

I am so blessed that I “get” to see Jesus in color everyday!  I see Him in little faces…I see Him in my Chinese little who LOVES Jesus with all his heart, who is telling the world to love Jesus, who is telling me that he is sharing the gospel at home to his unsaved family….I see Jesus in my Korean little who is praying fervently for her sister’s salvation….I see Jesus in my friend as she puts her hair in pig tails and pretends to be a child with me in Chapel skits….I see Jesus in my husband as he shares God’s heart with an in school suspension student….I see Jesus in answered prayer, in the form of the mailed documents in Hungarian that we google translated to find out we are indeed approved to be adoptive parents here….I see Jesus in financial provision when unexpected support goes into our mission’s account…..I see Jesus in our “next door/upstairs” neighbor baking treats for my lady friends who come over to study God’s word together on Tuesday nights….I see Jesus in my blonde, high heeled wearing friend on bended knee, praying with me on Wednesday mornings…I see Jesus when I have inexpiable JOY during times of uncertainty and waiting….


Thank you for praying for us here in that little yellow country in the middle!  We are so blessed that God called us here about 4 years ago.  I am blessed that in a small way we are reaching uttermost parts of the world from that small yellow country in the middle.  I am also blessed that God is reaching me in that small yellow country in the middle….here He is reaching my heart deeper….here He is letting me get to know Him more personally….Here I am SEEING JESUS IN COLOR!

Do you see Jesus in color?

Where do you see Him?

What does He look like?



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