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Sweet Golden Apple Words


Spring has sprung in Budapest! Once again I am so blessed by all the blooms….especially the multicolored lilacs and the dripping wisteria that is ALL OVER the city!  It seems I have created quite a pattern in my blogging…in 2013in 2014, and in 2015 I have written the obligatory Spring has SPRUNG type of post!  They are quite similar actually…I seem to REALLY enjoy the lilacs each Spring here (well last year I enjoyed my herb garden)…but do notice the quality of my lilac photos this year (THANKS Dad and Shelly for the AWESOME camera this Christmas).  Also it seems I tend to get a bit homesick when Spring is in full swing here…I mean I LOVE the Spring in Budapest, but I also LOVE my family and I think my heart has programmed itself to think that Spring means Summer is coming when I get to be with them again…


This Spring brings new life all around us and in my heart as well….this Spring we are praying for our baby, we are waiting with anticipation, and our hearts are full with excitement and fear of the arrival of our little one….we are in somewhat of a holding pattern (Shelly I hope you are reading, I used holding pattern just for you) waiting for God’s chosen child for us….

This Spring the reality of Summer coming and going to the States to visit family is unsure….we are waiting on the Lord, waiting on a baby, waiting on His perfect timing….leaving our (measly human) plans up in the air….


Our AMAZING and LOVELY Elementary team has been working on a Chapel program at school these past couple of months….we kind of had to start over and get a new thing going…and it has really been beautiful to see.  It has been like Springtime as a new Chapel program is coming to life…this week our lesson was on communication.

“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”

Proverbs 25:11

When I was teaching my littles this verse, I decided we needed to see what this looked like…we needed to be able to touch it to really understand…at least, I needed to see it and touch it to understand…what is so awesome about apples of gold in settings of silver?


So….we stopped what we were doing…I dialed my dear friend the Art teacher on the school phones….then I sent 2 precious littles up to get gold paint and brushes…and before you knew it, we had thrown our Phonics lesson out the window (not literally folks, don’t worry we went back to it eventually), pushed up our sleeves, and sat down to paint apples.  The final result was AWESOME!  It was so good for me personally to see this visual!  I know it was great for the kiddos to see it too….apples of gold in settings of silver is BEAUTIFUL!  THAT IS HOW OUR COMMUNICATION should be!!  WOW!  Awesome and convicting as well.  Seeing this visual through 6 and 7 year old eyes was quite amazing too!


On Tuesday nights a small group of women come to my home to do a Bible study…our study currently has been about our thoughts and our self-communication.  Really communication has been everywhere I look lately….I am seeing how God wants us to have sweet conversation, loving communication, and edifying words.


While we are all learning to have right, true, and loving communication with one another it is so important that we listen to the loving words we have from God to us…we have a constant flow of truth and love at our fingertips everyday.  Oh how sweet the word of God is to a human heart, to a hurting soul, to a person filled with fear….oh how sweet I have found the word of God to my “waiting momma” soul….


I have been faced with little lessons, little nuggets of info, little teachings on communication a LOT lately….and it has been a meditation of my heart, to have the words of my mouth be fitly spoken, to have my communication be like apples of gold in settings of silver…God has been gracious to show me that He always has this kind of communication for me…

He tells me to be still and know that He is God….when I’m freaking out because our adoption agency contact isn’t answering our emails….

He tells me to fear not for I am with you….when I am scared of the unknown in this whole waiting process….

He tells me He will never leave me of forsake me…when I feel homesick and alone….

He reminds me that He knows the desires of my heart….when I cry out to Him and ask for His timing in this adoption process to speed up and happen when I want it….

He gently whispers to me that He has plans for me….plans to prosper me and give me hope and a future….when He hears me crying out because I don’t know what the future holds….

IMG_1934I was spoken to with words like apples of gold in settings of silver this morning….Jesus spoke these words to me as I dug into His word….and I realized that just like it was so sweet for me to see, touch, and hold real apples of gold on a silver tray, it is also so sweet for me to hear Jesus the best communicator, communicating to my soul.

I don’t know about you, but after the winter (which was mainly just gray here) my soul needs to see and smell and taste and feel and hear the newness of Spring!  I love how our Lord meets us in all times and seasons and has the most fitly spoken words for us!

We are still waiting for baby Sochurek….we wait with expectation from the Lord….yes we wait as humans with fearful emotions, however we also wait as children of God with true promises from our father in Heaven.

THANK YOU for PRAYING for us and with us on this journey!  I tried to be subtle and sneak some golden apple communication into this post….did you see the sweet pics of Budapest??…you too could see those views, you too could snap those pics in real life…visit us, visit us….visit us, PLEASE!!  Read that last line again, really go on back and read it again…it’s golden apple communication for you with love from the Sochureks!


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