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Aaron and Hur in the Battle

“But Moses’ hands became heavy; so they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it.  And Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun”

~Exodus 17:12


We walk up these stairs each morning to a battle field…a BLESSED battle field…a battle field for souls!  GGIS is such a special place, and God is moving here…thus the battle field.  It is Holy ground we teach on, sometimes messy ground, but definitely HOLY.


In the same way that God could have wiped out the Amalekites with one flick of His pinky finger, God can do miracles today.  He still can and does make impact in the lives of people, and He has the ability to draw hearts to Himself with the slightest flick of His pinky finger.  However, God chooses to include us in the battle…He chooses to give us a part in the battle and a place on the battle field…the God that created the whole universe delights in giving us the victory on the battle field.

This school year our Lord has seen it fit that we be included in many great things happening here in the Buda hills.  Just a couple of weeks ago the “all staff” emails were rolling into our inboxes sharing testimonies of “secret” salvations amongst several Chinese students.  A month ago we had a team of professionals visit to compile an accreditation report on our school.  A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to a precious little who has found his forever home with one of my precious teammates here.  On Sunday I watched a happy little GGIS student run up on stage at church to be a part of the Sunday school group being prayed for, and I saw his momma sitting a couple rows away from me.  We have had our living room filled with ladies on many different occasions.  God is working and moving…and He “lets” us be a part of the work!


When God is moving, and as things are happening for His GLORY, the enemy becomes angry.  During all these sweet amazing times here in Budapest we also experience warfare…and at times it gets really hard spiritually on this battle field.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

~Ephesians 6:12

My precious first grade littles and I have been going through Exodus together in Bible class each morning.  A couple of weeks ago we were in Exodus 17 and learned about Moses lifting his arms up while the Israelites fought the Amalekites.  God told him to keep his arms up and the battle would be won, and that is what happened.  As Moses lifted his arms up, the Israelites would be winning, however when his arms would grow tired and fall down the Amalekites would begin to win the battle.

Like eating a good meal from my favorite restaurant, I wanted to savor this “plate” of scripture…I wanted to lick the plate and ask for seconds…I have been hungry for it again and again…it has become a craving that I keep going back to.

As I have “chewed” these verses up in my heart from Exodus 17:8-16, I have found them so personal…personal for us here on the battle field.  Similar to the Israelites we have God here fighting our battle for us on a daily basis.  Also, much like with the Israelites, God has chosen to allow us to have a part in the battle.  We “GET” to just hold our arms up in PRAISE and watch God do the rest!  We “GET” to sit back and watch the miracles roll in!  We “GET” to actively participate in these miracles by FAITH everyday as we climb the steps up to our beautiful school.


As we live on the battle field we get tired, our arms get heavy, and we become needy.  I think that my favorite part of this story with Moses, the Israelites, and the Amalekites is in verse 12 when Moses’ arms get heavy.  Who isn’t encouraged by the fact that even Moses, one of our greatest faith heroes in history, got tired…got tired even when God was fighting the battle for him???  It shows us that God has always been in the business of using weaklings like us in His awesome plan.  I am relieved that Moses was not superhuman, however that’s not the most awesome part for me…the part of this story that really made me keep going back to it, the part that made me “lick my plate” is Aaron and Hur’s part in the story!

Aaron and Hur held Moses’ hands up for him as they became heavy!  WOW! This is our life!  I see Aaron and Hur in the battle field daily.  I see Aaron and Hur in the battle field in my fellow GGIS teammates.  I see Aaron and Hur in the battle field in my precious friends at home who I know are praying for us.  I see Aaron and Hur in the battle field in my family members that graciously, without complaining have to miss out on being with us on holidays, special occasions, and day to day life moments.  I see Aaron and Hur in the battle field on bended knee next to me, shoulder to shoulder in the prayer room at school in my sweet faithful prayer partner.  I see Aaron and Hur in the battle field in the testimonies of more salvations of students from my fellow teachers.  I see Aaron and Hur in the battle field in simple text messages or emails from friends just checking in on us.  I see Aaron and Hur in the battle field on Tuesday nights at our ladies Bible study.  Truly, in this BLESSED battle field we get to call life, I see Aaron and Hur  everywhere…and they are such a crucial part.


What a personal God we serve?!  How awesome is it that He loves us enough to include us in His work?!  How amazing is it to watch Him do the work through us?!  For me it is super encouraging that He planned for us to have Aaron and Hur in the battle field with us as well.  We are BLESSED people, blessed to be serving the Lord, blessed that He works through us, and blessed that in Him we have the victory.

Think about it…who are Aaron and Hur in the battle field for you?

Are you Aaron and Hur in the battle field for someone?

Really…spend a minute thinking about “your” Aaron and Hur on your battle field today!

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for us here in Budapest, we so appreciate your love and support.  I threw some lovely pics of our “battle field” in this post in hopes of enticing some visitors!  God bless you all!


2 thoughts on “Aaron and Hur in the Battle”

  1. well said! Teachers everywhere need As&Hs, but esp in the field when the classroom “battles” are not always the worst ones waged. Blessed littles in your class… as well as the little being prepared to be part of your family. Hugs


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