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Waiting and Nesting

“Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.”

Isaiah 40:31

Not only have we been gaining strength from these precious words, but we have also been comforted by them so much in this season of waiting we are currently in.

Since a little before our beautiful announcement we moved into a lovely new apartment…this little move practically across the street from the old place caused a tiny bump in our waiting “road”…just a timing “bump”, but we trust in God’s perfect timing so this bump didn’t really phase us.  What seemed to us like a simple change of address took a few months, another home visit, more paperwork, and another interview at the Guardian Office.   Because of the extra time changing our address, I got to finish the school year with my kiddos and we even got to sneak away to America for a sweet visit with family and friends…truly I think God put that bump in our waiting “road”.  Over this past year I have so felt like Jesus’ little girl, like He has been spoiling me over and over again.  Now my heart is so full of anticipation in Him about what will happen next on our journey to bring home baby Sochurek, and I even feel blessing in God’s timing and the waiting.

So many people have been asking us with pure good intentions I’m sure “when is the baby coming?” and “do you know boy or girl?” and “how old will your baby be?” and “will you get to pick your baby up at the hospital?”….. The answers to all of these questions are “we just don’t know yet”.  If you know me even a little bit, you probably know that I can tend to get anxious about the unknown…that I hate getting called into a meeting at work if I don’t know the reason…that I can’t handle waiting for any results…so you may suspect that all these unanswered questions about are baby are weighing me down, causing me to be sad or anxious…BUT GOD.  Truly I have to admit that I too would suspect all these results in my own emotions and behavior, but God has really done a work on my heart and He has put excitement and calm all at once in me.


While we were in America my mum and wonderful S.I.L. threw us an AMAZING baby shower!  I mean A. MAZE. ING!  So MANY people came to show us they love us, support us, are praying for us, and to shower us with baby gift cards and cash to help us prepare for baby Sochurek.  It was SO COOL to be at a shower for me and baby Sochurek…I mean I’m usually on the baby shower throwing end of things, worrying about all the details, and pampering the momma to be…I really haven’t let myself imagine me getting to be the momma-to-be…but I was, I was there surrounded by friends, old ones like friends I haven’t seen in ten years old and new ones, and family who all love and support us in this adventure to parenthood.  I proudly played every baby shower game, wore the crown, and breathed in every second of the love…the love for me and for my precious little.


Six months ago I asked my mum, politely, to refrain from any baby showers for us…remember that anxiety crap I tend to have about the unknown??  I was so afraid of all the “what ifs” and didn’t want to be the center of attention with so many unanswered questions about our baby and God’s timing…

…But God…But God has done a work in my heart…He has given me JOY in the waiting…He has given us promises, that He has a plan FAR GREATER THAN OUR UNDERSTANDING for us and baby Sochurek…He has given me PEACE that is allowing me to trust Him and believe and dream about the future.

It was so great to be in America notice I didn’t write home, really America doesn’t feel like home now with family and friends and just spend quality time with people.  We were there for such a short visit, but it was a truly sweet visit.  God put peace in my heart about preparing for baby Sochurek even though baby’s arrival is still very much unknown and could literally be anytime (as soon as today or long as years) and I felt so blessed to get to do that with family.  I shopped for crib bedding with my mum and dreamed about strollers with my step mom…I found the most adorable adoption baby book…I happily picked up my freebies at the stores I registered at online…my in-laws and dad and Shelly spoiled our baby by sending us with funds to shop in Hungary for some big items…I spent time with family and friends as the momma-to-be and it was such a blessing.  No, nobody was rubbing my growing belly or getting to feel our baby kick really that would have been weird anyway but there was so much excitement and love felt all around on our trip.

“Pass through the camp and command the people, saying, ‘prepare provisions for yourselves, for within three days you will cross the Jordan, to go in to possess the land which the Lord your God is giving you to possess.’ ”

Joshua 1:11

“Remember the word which Moses the servant of the Lord commanded you, saying, ‘the Lord your God is giving you rest and is giving you this land.'”

Joshua 1:13

I read this passage in Joshua while I was literally resting at the in-laws lovely beach house…God so clearly spoke to me through His word that we are to get ready cause He is giving us what He has promised us.  I know and you can think I’m crazy if you want that God was speaking tenderly to me about preparing for baby Sochurek…I felt Him say that it is safe for me to start nesting…that He will protect my emotions…that He has a promise for us, a plan for us, a perfect plan…the perfect PEACE God has given me really does go far beyond my own understanding.

Today I sit here in our awesome apartment fresh and clean as I haven’t gone back to work yet hehehe with the door to baby Sochurek’s room open, and I can’t stop smiling as I look at it coming together.  Last night Daddy and I hung pictures on the wall in there and today I folded up little baby blankets that had been freshly washed in baby detergent and dried in the sun on our balcony.  I am researching car seats and strollers, breathing in baby laundry soap, and turning the pages in our baby book planning what I will soon begin to write in there.  I am SOAKING UP EVERY minute of prepping for baby Sochurek without aches and pains of pregnancy, hey gotta be thankful for all the blessings and truly enjoying this nesting business.

I am so thankful for this season of JOY AND PEACE sent to me directly from my Lord.  We don’t know all the details of if and when our baby will enter our lives, but we are trusting God that He has Better-than-the-BEST for us!  Thanks for your prayers, and thanks for loving us and supporting us on our adventure here!




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