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The best TV shows…you know the ones that suck you in…the ones that cause you to binge watch whole seasons of them in a weekend…the best TV shows almost always seem to end each episode with a cliffhanger.  Cliffhanger endings keep the viewer interested and definitely keep them coming back to watch more.

This faith walk we are on with God can often feel like one huge cliffhanger after another…at least for me.  Often when I share our testimony of how we ended up in Hungary (4 years ago we were coming for just a year) I explain the faith steps we took like taking steps off the edge of a cliff…every time God brought us to a cliff, we had to close our eyes (prayer) and trust God (Lord, help my unbelief) as we stepped out off the edge…and every time He has been faithful to provide another step for us where at times it looked like we would plummet to our demise.

Now we find ourselves at the end of another “episode”, biting our nails, on the edges of our seats, desperate for the “next episode” to come out!  It seems silly to liken our walk with God to a TV show, but I’m a visual girl and the struggle is real…I mean Nashville, that show’s series ended on such a cliffhanger that another network has picked it up (thank you Lord, what would we have done if that was really it?)…but in all seriousness, these cliffhangers God puts in our life keep me hooked, cause me to keep coming back for more…I can’t wait to see what He will do next!

In previous “seasons” of our life God put simpler cliffhangers in…for example “trust Me, sell your furniture, you are going to Budapest”…or “have faith in Me, buy your plane ticket to this country you have never been to before”…or in this last “season” He said “invite a social worker into your home, trust Me in this home study”.  Now that we have completed all the steps to become qualified to adopt here in Hungary, it feels like we are in that “bye week” period of time before the “final episode of the season” airs…you know like when you have been watching all season long and you have to wait two weeks for the “finale” to reveal “who she picks to marry” or “who the murderer was” again, probably not the best analogy comparing God’s miracles in our lives to TV, but work with me okay…except this waiting period is not two weeks, it’s longer and it could be very LONG.

This is by far the strangest cliffhanger God has put in our lives to date, because we don’t have anywhere to step…we have stepped over the metaphorical edge, however God hasn’t placed the next step there yet…but it doesn’t quite feel like a free fall…it feels like waiting…waiting on GREAT things, waiting on God’s perfect timing which is better than our own, so I’m told…so I know, waiting on our precious baby to come home.  God knows us so tenderly and personally, and I believe He is drawing us to Him in this waiting.

I’m dying to see this next “episode” unfold in our lives.  I cannot wait to meet our baby!  I am as ready as I can be at home with a nursery ready for boy or girl.  I am preparing at school for an interesting year of transition with my position as I will eventually go on maternity leave with our precious baby.  I don’t like waiting, I mean who does?  But, I am loving that God is with me in the waiting and He is doing it for my good.

So many of our friends and family ask about baby Sochurek often…and for this I am grateful, people are praying for our baby to come home…but I have no answers…we are at the edge of a cliff, one that will hopefully and prayerfully land us in a pile of parenthood, but a cliff edge it still is…and it is scary at times and lonely and full of anxiety…but God has always provided a next step for us to land on before, and I know He will be faithful in this too.

THANK you so MUCH for your prayers, for your love, and for your support for us in this season we are in.  God keeps us on our toes during this adventure, and we are truly BLESSED!

Please continue to pray with us for our baby.  We can’t wait for the “finale episode” of this season to “air” and for our next season (as parents) to begin.  Pray that we enjoy our time however short or however much longer we have as just husband and wife before baby comes.  Pray that we are able to minister at the school and here in Hungary in ways we never imagined even in the waiting, when at times we feel unable to.  And stay tuned for the “season finale” to “air”!


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