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Bigger littles

I’m a first grade teacher.

I LOVE teaching littles.

I LOVE teaching littles how to read, and experiencing those first magical words read.

I LOVE having countless flowers picked for me on the playground.

I LOVE the stories six year olds tell.

BUT….I MUST CONFESS….I LOVE the Bigger Littles too!

I help out with the youth group here on Friday Nights and it is SO FUN!  We play games, hang out, chat, have worship, listen to a short message, and spend quality time with the bigger littles.  They are a different kind of fun than my firstie littles…and I am so glad I GET to do both!

This past Saturday I ventured deep into the Chinese market here in the 8th district of Budapest with a fellow teacher and 11 precious girls by my side.  We went to a Vietnamese restaurant and ate soup together…we took selfies…we laughed…and we talked about Jesus…lots of these girls probably eat plenty of noodles at home, but many of them don’t get to have noodles and conversations about Jesus at home.

It was SUCH A SWEET time.

Jesus and noodles with these precious bigger littles.

God is moving here amongst our teens, and it is so beautiful to be a part of.   After we finished our lunch we walked to a student’s parents’ shop where we were greeted with smiles and coffee.  It was such a joyful time to get a tiny glimpse into one of our bigger littles’ life outside of school.

A few weeks ago we had our high school retreat at a gorgeous place in the countryside.  I felt so privileged to get to go and be with them for most of the retreat!  We had beautiful times of worship with our bigger littles…and such sweet conversations in our little cabin.  There a few greater treasures of moments than opening up God’s precious word and sharing it with these kids.

While everyday with my littles is so blessed and cherished, I am also SO GRATEFUL that I get to be with the bigger littles also…they are not much different than the little littles…they need LOVE and they need care…I am in awe that we get to do this, that we get to live this life and experience childlike faith in its truest sense through the eyes of my littlest littles and my bigger littles.

On Friday night we will have our first split boys/girls Friday Night youth group!  I am pretty excited to lavish the girls with love and fun!  Please keep our youth group in prayer.  Pray for ideas, for our team of leaders running it, for the students to come out, and for lives to be changed.


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