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What a Difference…

…a year can make!

A year ago I started blogging in this new space with high hopes for 2016.  We had just gotten home from a Christmas trip to America, and we were finishing up our approval process to become adoptive parents.  We were still living in our old tiny apartment.  We were praying for God to move…

And move He DID!

He moved us apartment wise.

He moved our paperwork through many offices and hands so that we could officially be active on the waiting parents list.

And in October He moved our precious family member #3 into our home!

We are entering into 2017 with SUCH JOY in our hearts and home!  Our sweet girl is SUCH A BLESSING!!  Every time her two little hands grab the back of my neck and pull me in for a hug and a very wet slobber filled kiss I melt with more love for her!  God went over the top when He gave me Agnes.  Truly He outdid Himself!


Our little apartment is filled with 1 year old giggles and lots of tickling.  There are toys all over my living room floor even though I swore we weren’t going to let that happen and bottles drying in my dish rack.  I’m a mama now.  My hair is often looking frazzled and my clothes have weird stains from little girl mushing her lunch into me.  I pretty much never get enough sleep and don’t eat when I should.  I feel like I live on coffee and have a new addiction to ginger ale like I have to have it in the house. I am blessed by all of it!


It is crazy to me what a difference a year can make.  God is so good and has the best plan for us.  The years I prayed for a child, I didn’t always understand His plan…but now I look at Agnes’ little face and think “WOW!  He had the best for me all along”.


I don’t want to take any moment of being Agnes’ mama for granted and I want to get to know my Lord even better this year!  Thank you for praying Agnes home and please continue to keep us in prayer as we remain on the mission field here in Budapest!


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