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My Joy List


I’m finding my joy in all the little blessings around me these crisp fall days…



  • Leaves changing color, especially the red ones tucked in our little secret garden here and draping over our front gate
  • Pumpkins…big ones, small ones, round ones, squishy ones, and most of all my pumpkin love bug Agnes


  • My handsome husband
  • Fresh air and sunshine…and walks with my girl
  • Sweaters and weather that makes it nice to wear them
  • Agnes’ birthday party balloons still hanging out with us in the living room, losing a little more helium each day
  • Coffee freshly brewed each morning by my handsome husband
  • Twinning Mama and Baby Girl outfits
  • Walking to the Post Office and mailing letters to America (soon after I write them, instead of months later when I find them in a stack somewhere in the house)
  • Freshly printed photos, put in new frames, and ready to be hung on our family room wall
  • Working on Agnes’ baby book, writing in it and adding photos
  • Agnes is becoming quite the little helper these days, she throws trash away and even puts her clothes and toys away when we ask (most times, its a start)
  • Coloring with my girl
  • Reading books, Little Blue TruckGuess How Much I Love YouGo Dogs Go, and I’m even reading a few pages a night from a grown-up book before I fall asleep
  • Bible studies and friendships I’m forming with the lovely ladies that attend them
  • Discovering new fun places to go as a family…our newest find is a fun playground in the forest and it is so close to the house




  • Cooking soups
  • Starting to buy Christmas presents, and getting excited about the holidays


I’m so thankful to God for this little life we live!  I am thankful for all the little blessing He surrounds me with.  Mostly I am so thankful for the people I get to do life with; for my man and my little girl!  I love them and all the joy they bring me so much!


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