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Mini Me


“My down!  My Down!”, said by Agnes as she yanks at her messy bun and insists I take her hair out of its up-do because Mama’s hair is down.  I settle for throwing mine up into a messy bun even though I just want it to dry nicely down for once and that satisfies her need to be twinning with our hairdos.

“Clothes!!  Mama mama mama mama clothes!!  Clothes!  Me clothes!”, Agnes greets me with this demand first thing in the morning.  She sees that I am getting her up and I am already dressed for the day not in my usual mama uniform of sweats or pjs till later and wants to have “real” clothes on also.  Again she is only satisfied when we are truly twinning…had I gone in to get her from bed in jammies, her jammies would have been sufficient also.

CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP!  Oh how I wish I had a sound bite so that you could hear the clip clomping along that happens in my living room of so often…the picture just doesn’t do it justice…bear jammies and mama’s knee high boots with purse and shopping cart.  If mama does it, she wants to do it too.

IMG_8473This morning we made cookies together and she tried her hardest to stir like me, drop the cookies in ball shapes on the cookie sheet like me, decorate the cookies like me…every step she was in tow doing it just like mama to the best of her ability.


In the mornings when I am doing my devotionals, reading my Bible, and writing in my journal, Agnes often gets her own book and sits with me doing “her devotions”.

Those fewer and further between times that I sneak in a workout these days are usually accompanied by my little shadow trying her best to do the moves just like me…and girl friend has got some moves let me tell you.

Really the examples of how this girl wants to be my mini me are endless.  With all the joy it brings me to hear “mama mama” and her have her tell me she is “happy” while clapping her hands, I must say that I am humbled that she wants to be like me.   I am so thankful that I have this sweet girl and that she loves me and more importantly knows she is loved…so much so that she wants to be just like her mama I know I know this probably won’t always be the case…like when she hits 12 or 14 years old…but let me revel in these current moments…I LOVE her complete security with me and the TRUE JOY in how she lives life.

My little precious person has found her voice recently, and not just for babbling but for actual words and sentences that make sense.  When we are snuggling close and having little chats I often ask her if she knows how much her mama loves her…she answers “MOOOOSST!” (that’s most said super excitedly with a huge smile).  I didn’t teach her that word, most, but I have been telling her since day one that I love her the most in the whole world!  I guess it has sunk in and she knows it to be true.


We learn so much from our littles, don’t we?

Oh that I could live in such complete trust of my heavenly father…

Oh that I would be so secure in Him that I would live life with true joy at all times…

Oh that I would want to walk in His big shoes, with my purse slung over my shoulder, sauntering on with boldness…

Oh that I would answer “THE MOST!” without hesitation when He asks me “do you know how much I love you?”…and even more that I would answer the same way when asked how much I love Him…

Oh that I would watch His moves and try to emulate them to the best of my ability…

Oh that all I do, I would do it for Him and to please Him…

Oh that His precious words to me would sink deep into my heart, and that I would live in total belief of Him and His true, eternal care for me…

Oh that I would want to be His mini me


13 thoughts on “Mini Me”

  1. Tears brimming …such beauty in your sharing and paralleling your gift with your personal walk with our Saviour…grateful & encouraged, Myriah~
    This is a devotional that exceeds many out there in print…perhaps He will lead you will publish yours.
    Love, hugs, & thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all, I LOVE your pictures are you write. I also love how open you are. You are going great mama! You are fully equipped to mother Agnes and God is using you even now to groom her for His purpose. I love that she follows you around and you allow her in your devotional space. Something I need to work on lol..


  3. What a simple comparison on something that we tend to make complicated. If only, in some senses, we never lost the innocence of a child.


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