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Nothing is Hidden

Getting chores done with a two year old at home is often quite the feat…either you run yourself ragged during nap time trying to accomplish your entire “to do” list (and this is almost never enough time to truly finish the “to dos”), or you must navigate chores and active present parenting.  When you have to go with the second option because the “to do” list is too long and/or the nap is too short, you must be ready for some speed bumps along the way.

Last week I experienced the “too long to dos” and the “too short nap” not just last week, in fact I experience this dilemma all too often so I had to let precious pumpkin play on her own while I finished a few tasks in the kitchen.  Every few minutes I would rinse my hands and run into the quiet living room to check on her.  Fortunately my little gal loves reading just as much as her mama does, and often she will sit in the rocking chair in her room “reading” book after book while I do chores.  On this particular day she started out “reading” books so I sighed a breath of relief and got back to business in the kitchen…however on my next check in she was sitting on the floor in her room under a blanket, like she was snuggling up for a long winter’s nap.  I even asked her what she was doing and if she was all cuddly and she just smiled cutely at me as if to say “nothing to see here mum, I’m just relaxing”.  While playing “relaxing under a blanket in my room” seemed like an odd choice of play, I didn’t think much of it cause she looked happy and my to do list was just a few strike marks away from being completely crossed off.  I finished my chores and walked happily back to Agnes’ room ready to join her on the floor for some mama/baby cuddle time!  I was proud!  She had played quietly and I had finished SOMETHING!!

If you have a toddler or have raised a toddler or have babysat a toddler…hey if you know anyone with a toddler…you are probably already laughing at me and my pride before you even hear the rest of this little anecdote.

IMG_5882 (1)

I opened the door to her room and she was still under the blanket and she was still quiet and she was still smiling with the “nothing to see here” smile.   I sat down on the floor and peeled back the blanket to find an ENTIRE PACKAGE OF WIPES, OPENED AND OUT OF THE PACKAGE.  Each wipe pulled out one at a time on the floor (I can just picture her pulling each one out with delight).  My sweet innocent girl knew this isn’t our first rodeo with the wipes and there have been consequences for doing this in the past this was a naughty thing, and the little human sinner in her thought she could hide it from mama.

As much as I chuckle about this whole little incident, and all the other little incidents that happen on a daily when my toddler is quiet, this really got me thinking about my relationship with the Lord.  Don’t we too think we can hide our sins and shameful behavior from God?  Aren’t we the same as my two year old at times…covering up our wrongs, pretending they are not there?

We may be able to “hide the wipes from Mama” but nothing is hidden from the Lord.

“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight.  Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him whom we must give account.”

~Hebrews 4:13

Oh how I want to hide nothing from my Lord.

Oh how I want to approach His throne of grace with confidence, confessing my wrongs and asking Him to search me.

Oh that I may walk worthy of His call.

Oh that I would hold firmly to the faith I profess and not act in ways worth hiding.

Oh that instead of hiding, I would make Him my hiding place.


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