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When Showering is on Your “to do” List

Are you feeling tired Mama?

Are you feeling busy Mama?

Are you drowning in diapers and dirty dishes?

You and your messy bun need to practice some healthy self care!

Easier said than done, right?!?!  How can you spend any of your precious time on self care if you practically have to put showering on your to do list so you can pencil in some time.  Don’t let the “mama”ing blues get the best of you.

Give this doable list of everyday self-care tips a read and a try, it just may surprise you!

     1. Do a daily devotional.

I love sitting down with a steaming hot cup of black coffee, my big maroon leather bound study Bible open in my lap, my journal and a good pen you know you agree with me that there are good pens and there are bad pens, and just digging into God’s word.  I am active in a couple of Bible studies with other ladies, and I am the dork that loves doing the homework where was that version of myself in high school?.

No matter how much I love uninterrupted study time with Jesus, that doesn’t always happen.  I don’t always have time, quietness, or the personal space (cue my two year old saying “lap, mama lap!”) to study and get into God’s word like I desire to…but if I wanna stay sane, I gotta have time with my Lord…some days that means I can drink my coffee and it is hot the whole time, and I can get out several translations of the Bible, and I can pull out my husband’s Bible college study books to answer questions stirred from my study…but a lot of days my time with the Lord is a short and sweet devotional that gets me thinking, and the rest of the day talking to him silently as I go about my business of “mama”ing.

One of my favorite classic devotional books is Streams in the Desert.  There is a devotional a day for every day of the year, and I have probably read each of them at least 3 times and they still provoke fresh thoughts.


I also LOVE LOVE LOVE If by Amy Carmichael…it’s not really a devotional but it has heart convicting thoughts that can give me lots to chew on throughout my day!

I found a simple little devotional book on clearance at TJ Maxx this Summer and it is also quite nice.  The point is they are all short and sweet, but set my mind on things above.  You may not believe this I mean I am a blogger, typing away right now in fact, but I don’t have a smart phone and I don’t really do much of the techie things like have apps and stuff except for kindle out of necessity being in a non-english speaking country a girl has got to read but I managed to find some for you all!  Go check out Bible gateway!  They have tons, FOR FREE!  Our Daily Bread has great daily offerings as well!

It doesn’t matter if you prefer paper books or using your phone, spending 5 minutes a day in a simple devotional will do wonders for you!  We are all busy mamas, but 5 minutes can be found somewhere (even if it means you have to leave a few dishes in the sink).

     2. Move your body

I know what you are thinking.

I said this was going to be a doable list of self-care.

Just about every list of self-care out there will tell you to exercise.

True.  They do tell you to exercise.  What I want to tell you is, moving your body doesn’t always mean going to the gym or for a walk or even leaving your house at all.

Just move.  Put on some music and dance.  Your kids can join you, they dance off some energy, maybe nap better, everyone wins.  Get down on the floor and do some crunches or push-ups.  March in place while you push your kid on the swing…just yesterday I did calf raises while pushing Agnes on the swing, it was an awesome multi-tasking moment and I felt so much better for it!  Do something to get yourself moving each day, I know it has been said TOO MANY times, but it really helps!

I found faithful workouts to be amazing!  They have workouts as short as under 10 minutes and as long as an hour, so if I don’t make excuses I can always squeeze one of them in.

     3. Rock those yoga pants!  Own those sweats!

You know the timeless advice, “put on real clothes and makeup, it will make you feel better”…well I’m about to turn that advice upside-down.  As moms we get messy, we get food and boogers and often times much worse wiped on us…we spend a lot of our day on the floor or bent over or swaying or rocking…we are running and chasing and tickling…and let’s just face it all of that is WAY MORE COMFORTABLE in sweats or yoga pants!

So, if you wanna show yourself some self-care and loving go get yourself some super cute pajama pants, sweat pants, and/or yoga pants.  Splurge if you are able and get something really comfy, soft, and beautiful think of it as your work uniform, you wouldn’t mind spending the cash on that.

I love my Gap sweats, but they are old and I’d love me a new pair of these.  I could live in my gap body leggings, capri style and would rock them in public if I wasn’t a firm believer in “leggings are not pants” especially with my hips and thighs.

Check these out, I shopped for you just click on the pictures put them in your cart and hit checkout!  I’ll be the girl vicariously living through your purchases till I get to the U S of A this Summer (not a huge fan of shopping here in my country of residence, a.k.a. Hungary).

There’s also a HUGE selection of lovely leggings available in my friends’ Lula Roe Shop and they would love to help you pick the right pair!  Mention Plans To Prosper Us blog and get 20% your ENTIRE order with Sherri and Anne through April 30, 2018!  Go now and grab that deal!

     4. Treat your skin kindly.

I’m in my thirties now…let me clarify, EARLY thirties…and I have decided it is time to start using night cream on my face.  Occasionally I even throw some vitamin e oil at this mug of mine.  It takes me all of 30 seconds to rub night cream on before I go to bed, but let me tell you it really makes me feel like I have done something for ME, just ME, and I can honestly say I don’t have that feeling often.

I’m currently using this:


…because I am a super fancy card carrying member of Yves Rocher and with my card I get discounts and FREE GIFTS.

…but go ahead and be you, splurge on an expensive cream like the Ahava cream I have been eyeing at the pharmacy, or grab yourself some Pond’s cold cream at the local CVS…just get yourself something that may only take 30 seconds to apply, but gives you the satisfaction of doing something for yourself!

**saving my obsession with hair masks for a future posts**

     5. Nightly ritual with your spouse GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER not talking about sex…although that can be good self-care…I digress.

Alright, gather yourself and take this seriously…I know I wrote the word sex and my mom is reading this but I’m gonna move on from that and gather myself too.

We put our sweet girl to bed at 7 pm every night and at about 7:30 we meet on the couch.  My husband brings the tea (usually peppermint for him and chamomile for me) and I cue up the latest episode of one of our favorite shows.  Sometimes we chat for a bit before we engross ourselves in some binge-worthy TV, sometimes I play sudoku on the ipad while we watch…but there is ALWAYS tea!  I look forward to my hot cup of tea and my feet being warmed under my hubby’s bum I said bum, sorry mum…and now I’m rhyming for a bit before bed.  This is technically us time but it is also oh so good for me time too.

Your nightly ritual doesn’t have to involve tea…it could be popcorn and crossword puzzles or a big bowl of ice cream…it doesn’t have to involve food or drink at all, but I highly suggest it involves feet being warmed under your spouse’s bum!

      6. Bless someone.

Do something nice for someone else.  Bake cookies for your husband to take to work.  Write a letter to a friend and mail it.  Buy a gift for someone, just because.

Take your time wrapping up your gift, make it look pretty and nice!  Wrap up a warm loaf of banana bread and tie a piece or ribbon or twine around it and deliver it to the neighbor, or maybe even the homeless man down the street.

I’ll do another post on this and practical ways to be a blessing in the future, but for now I leave you with this: doing kind things for others and being grateful can really improves your own attitude…when we take the focus off ourselves for just a moment it increases our joy!

     7. Fresh. Air. And. Sunshine.

Get outside.  Go read this post for some of the health benefits and if you simply google fresh air and sunshine you will be inundated with info…but from personal experience we all do better in my home when Mama is happy, and getting outside each day helps Mama stay just that, H A P P Y!

Take the kids outside with you, lay a blanket down in the grass and watch them play.  Go to the park and bring a book to read while the kids play.  Take a walk.  While babies are napping grab your monitor and head outside with a glass of iced tea and just soak in the outdoor air alone.  Garden, dig in the dirt.  Go outside and take pictures.

It doesn’t really matter the activity that gets you outside, just do it.  I promise it will improve your mood!  Go out on gray days too…but especially on the days when that vitamin D is flowing from the rays of the sun.

      8. Put something in the books, regularly.

I have three standing events each week…a lunch date/prayer time with some friends…a ladies dinner/Bible study time in my home in the evening…a morning ladies Bible study.

Do I always make it to all three each week?

The answer is no, but they remain on my calendar.  If I don’t make it this week, I try again next week.  If people get sick (my baby included) and plans get cancelled, it is okay I regroup for the next one.

Having these standing events on my calendar keeps me in forward motion.  While I’m a lover of sweats and yoga pants (cue tip #3), these standing events require me to put on real pants and maybe even some makeup.  These events require me to be with other people besides me, myself, and my little.  These events bring refreshment to my soul and honestly keep me sane.

How can you make this happen?  Put a standing play date on the calendar with a friend and her little, say you will meet every Tuesday at the mall food court for lunch, set up a weekly Skype call with family that lives away, start having a date night every other week with your hubby at your favorite restaurant…whatever kinds of outings (or “in”ings like the Bible study in my home) that get you to interact with other adults on a regular basis, MAKE THEM HAPPEN!

     9. Make an easy peasy to do list.

Okay, this could be one of my favorites on the list who am I kidding, I made the list and love all the things on it and maybe the easiest to accomplish!

Get yourself a dry erase board, a magnetic notebook that hangs on the fridge, a journal…if you’re desperate lip stick and a mirror, and write down a short (2-3 items) to do list when you start your day.  Then throughout the day as you complete the items on the list, cross them off!

The trick here is that you put things on the list that you know in your heart you will complete.  The key isn’t accomplishing a HUMONGOUS feat…the key is accomplishing SOMETHING!  Finishing anything can be HUGE when you have littles undoing and distracting and just getting under feet…so here is an example to do list like I’m talking about:


  1. put a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom
  2. put dirty clothes from the floor into the laundry hamper
  3. fold all the throw blankets in the living room and place them nicely on couch and chairs


  1. hang one load of laundry (yes I hang all laundry, no dryer here folks)
  2. put real clothes on Agnes (instead of staying in pjs all day)
  3. throw away 3 old items in fridge

Notice I didn’t put anything too daunting like “doing all the dishes” on the list…I save the major things for my ongoing list that never ends…but having a COMPLETED LIST each day can make me feel like Super Woman!

Ps. I promise not to judge you if you do put something HUGE on your list like vacuuming the whole living room or 2 loads of laundry…in fact sometimes I put bigger challenges on my short list, but the key is I only put them there if I am prepared to finish them…this list is all about COMPLETION and the AWESOME feels that come with that!

     10. Three words: Adult Coloring Book.

Stop everything and go now to the nearest Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, or hit up Amazon and get yourself some “mommy crayons” a.k.a. SHARPIES (or some quality colored pencils if you prefer) and then hide them WAY UP HIGH on a shelf where your little can’t reach them or climb to them, and then enter your email address to follow my blog, on the right hand side of this page, and I will email you a few coloring pages designed by yours truly to get you started on your coloring journey of soothing mindless activity.

In all seriousness, coloring is so calming!  It is a great way to wind down after the kids go to bed, and it can also be a calming activity to do with the kids when things are getting to hectic and you just need to breathe!  Adult coloring books have become all the rage and I totally understand why.  It is so freeing to just let myself go with my Sharpies and a good coloring page…and I often do this with my feet under my hubby’s bum with an episode of The Good Doctor or Grey’s playing in the background!

I hope you find at least one thing on this list helpful!  Take care of yourself Mama!

FYI, this site uses affiliate links in most posts, and if you choose to purchase through the provided links, we will make a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you and the proceeds are used to fund this blog and support our family. Thank you!


9 thoughts on “When Showering is on Your “to do” List”

    1. I personally LOVE adult coloring books…super calming and they make me forget all my troubles as I focus on staying in the lines! when you become an email follower of this blog, I will send you a few printable pages I designed!!

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  1. I’m not a mama, but I am addicted to work (including housework, ministry work, to-do list work, income work, etc…), and I have to be very intentional about slowing down a bit. I have several coloring books that were gifted to me, but I haven’t ever tried using them yet…I might have to pull them out!


  2. Self care is something I am constantly trying to get better at. I am not great at asking for help, and I rarely put myself first. This reminder was so needed! Thanks for sharing what works for you!


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