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Dear ____________ no.1

Dear Step Parent,

I understand it must have been hard never having your “own” children.

Thank you for loving us as your own.

…and you didn’t even get us when we were tiny…you got us in the “fun” teen years.

Thank you for loving us through slammed doors and stomps up the stairs!

I can imagine it was hard that we always addressed you by your first name and not mom or dad.

Thank you for sacrificing that and respecting that we already had two parents we called mom and dad.

The whole “D” word situation that got us all here was hard on us and hurt us…and sometimes we acted out because of it.

Thank you for loving us through it and trying your best to not cause us more harm.


What seemed the like worst thing ever to happen to us at the time, ended up bringing us you, step parent, and now 20 plus years later I can’t imagine life without you.

Yes, divorce hurt…but we get 4 parents now instead of just 2!

Yes, the divorce was yucky…but now we get to see our mum and dad being loved and happy!

Yes, divorce sucked…but now our girls get to have 2 extra grandparents and they are AMAZING, AWESOME, SUPERB grandparents if I must say so!


Now all these years later I get to witness a special kind of joy, seeing you grandparent.  Seeing you with our girls, gives me a little glimpse of how you would have been with babies of your own.  You lost and I’m sure grieved (even though you didn’t express that to us or ever blame us) having babies of your own when you took on my mom/dad and us!  Now you have gained grand babies and I can see the joy they bring you!!

I love hearing Agnes say “Giggy” and “Glammy”.

Thank you for waiting 20 plus extra years to hear an affectionate parental name for yourself from kiddos.

I love that my child has a super love for chapstick and lotion, and that you had something to do with that.

Thank you for thinking she is the best, and for wanting to spend quality moments with her!

I love that my baby girl is spoiled rotten by you, ponies, circus tents, Bitty babies, OH MY!

Thank you for wanting her to have the best, and for going to great lengths to make that happen!

In so many ways I have no idea the sacrifices you made, the tears you cried, or the hard you faced when you said yes to my parent and in turn also saying yes to us, but I am so thankful you did!  We don’t say it often enough but thank you!  I only hope this new season we are in, with the littles running around gives back some of what you willingly forfeited to be with my parent!  I only hope and pray that you know we see you, we appreciate you, and we love you tons!

Love you tons,

Rye (a.k.a Rye Butt or Rye Tie)

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