Tourist in my town no.1


One of the MANY there are lots of upsides to living abroad, even though it is hard to be away from family and friends perks to being on the foreign mission field is that you occasionally get to play tourist!  If you followed my blog at its old locay, you might remember seeing posts on many adventures Tim and I took in our earlier days in Hungary…almost every weekend we would try to get out and see something new to us in the city.  Times have changed a bit for us and Saturdays are spent team cleaning the apartment, grocery shopping, and playing with our little one.  We don’t go on as many touristy adventures around the city anymore, unless we have guests visiting (THAT’S A HINT TO COME VISIT US PLEASE).


For a few weeks now I have had this Spring fever or maybe it’s cabin fever, I  don’t know, will it ever stop snowing and just be Spring already? and have really wanted to go walk around the castle district.  Sans child we used to go do just that quite often, but cold dreary days day after day and colds and sniffles and teething has gotten in the way of making it happen in awhile!


March 15th was a holiday here in Hungary (the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, read about it here) and I was determined to get our bums out of the house and up to the castle.  The weather was quite gross but we didn’t let that stop us…we put Agnes in a rain suit and puddle jumping boots, threw some snacks in a bag, grabbed the stroller, and set out on an adventure.  I am so glad we went.


My little pumpkin is Hungarian so we want her to do Hungarian things and experience the culture here.  While we don’t see ourselves living in this wonderful country forever, we do know that Hungary will always be in our hearts and we will definitely make visits here when Agnes is older so that she can know her mother land.


My Wheels on the Bus loving girl was so happy that we took public transport to the castle…don’t get me wrong, she LOVES going for rides in the car too…European Public Transport is like made for toddlers except for the carrying of strollers up and down stairs quickly at your stop, though many men are willing to help and Agnes often feels like she has been to the Wheels on the Bus theme park just by riding on a tram or bus when we are out and about in the city.


The castle was bustling with people!  I think some museums were free entry because of the holiday, and the lines showed that.  We enjoyed our time walking around, listening to music, smelling the smells, and just enjoying each other’s company.  Jon (or Bubby as Agnes affectionately calls him) joined us and it was good to catch up with a friend!  A fun open air market was set up on a good stretch of the road, and we enjoyed perusing each booth filled with toys, food, jewelry, and other fun things!  Near the Fisherman’s Bastion there was a marching band playing, Agnes loved that!


I loved seeing the patriotic spirit in full force.  There were flowers and flags placed on so many monuments and statues.  Some of the flags were hand made with paper and kid hands you could tell, and were so cutely placed with what I knew must have been pride for their country.  I loved seeing the country love all over the place!


We ended our stroll at the military museum (it was free entry), and they had so many fun activities for kids.  Agnes played and played in this little kitchen area they had set up for play.  There were all sorts of old timey games set up for kids some adults got in on the action too to try!  They were also demonstrating sword handling/fighting and setting on canons, the guys absolutely loved that!  If you know my husband at all, he is mister weapons and old coins and military stuff so this part of the outing was right up his alley.


Yes, the weather was gray and not the best…but we had such a great family day!


I highly recommend visiting Budapest around one of their holidays (they have a few of these “independence”/revolution holidays a year).  You get to see some of the old fashioned cultural things like folk dancers or people in old timey costume.  You experience the locals out and about celebrating their culture with pride!  You can taste yummy foods that are sometimes saved for special occasions.  You can often get into museums for free!  Really, exploring the city on a holiday is a win win all around.


It really brought joy to this mama’s heart to walk around with our little Hungarian princess in tow proudly wearing our little Hungarian flag pins.  It was great to celebrate the Hungarian revolution of 1848, but even more joyful to celebrate my little princess’s heritage!  I look forward to always keeping these types of celebrations as a part of our family culture…no matter where we live around the world!


My hope is to get out more and tourist around our town now that Spring is almost here!  I will post more “tourist in my town” posts as we get out to see and do different things!

Do you ever play tourist in your town?

I would love to post guest “tourist in my town” posts!  Email me if you are interested in submitting a “tourist in my town” guest post!

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