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Sunday Soul Food no.1

Happy Sunday.  Happy Palm Sunday!


This little pumpkin and I are having our usual slow Sunday morning together, readying for church, coffee drinking (well one of us), listening to worship music.


For so many years I prayed for these times…now I am just trying to soak in every second with her!  I love that she LOVES church and we talk with anticipation about Daddy coming to get us soon to take us to church.  Today she is telling me she can’t wait to see Jimmy her friend in nursery (a.k.a. “her church”).  She LOVES putting on Pretty clothes for church!  Our Sunday mornings are a treasured time!!

Today we are listening to Reckless Love over and over.  Seriously I’m obsessed with this song!  Thank you God for leaving the ninety-nine and chasing me down time and time again!

After church I’m planning to cook some yummy Shepherd’s Pie!!  Gonna use my mum’s recipe, with the addition of mushrooms (cause mushrooms make everything better).  She always used ground beef, corn, and mashed taters.  I’ll have to share our deeply complicated who am I kidding, its simple comfort food recipe on here sometime!

I love our church, and I am also excited to watch Freedom Church online later!!

I’m currently reading The Masterpiece at least a couple pages a night before bed and hopefully can sneak in some more time to read it during pumpkin’s after church nap!

Read a great post about routine this morning and am excited to sit down with my journal this afternoon.

Hoping to squeeze in just a tiny bit of work, but lots of Sabbath rest and relaxation with the hubby.  Planning to grab a couple of mugs of tea tonight on the couch with my mister, my feet being warmed under his bum (just following my own advice, #5) for some one on one chat time.  I recently read this great post that I want to share with him!  Our chats with tea at night are refreshing and needed!

What are you doing on this lovely Sunday?  Listening to anything special?  Any good sermons I should dial up on the interwebs?  What are you reading?

Join me next Sunday for Sunday Soul Food no.2!

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