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Counter Sittin

We practice “counter sittin” here in our home!


My little pumpkin loves doing anything I’m doing and I LOVE to cook and bake, so that means one tiny bum sits on my counter and two tiny legs dangle over the edge…and before you report me to the safety police, there is usually one mama sized hand on one of those tiny legs.


My little helps me pour, mix, and she’s also a great taste tester.  Do I get the job done faster with all the extra help? No, not usually.  Is my kitchen much cleaner, with two sets of hands well one and a half sets, remember one hand on one tiny leg doing the work?  No, certainly not, in fact this method almost always results in a bigger mess.  Do we end up with so much more than something we can eat?  YES!  SO. MUCH. MORE.


I love these “counter sittin” times.  I love that on the counter, Agnes’ eyes are level with my eyes, and we can really chat face to face.  I love that I am passing on my love for all things in the kitchen, and I love that she is soaking it in.  I love that my little is learning real things on that counter, and I love that I am getting to teach!  I love that we have so much fun cooking together, and I love giggling the whole time with my little.  I love the confidence we both build during these “counter sittin” times; Agnes realizes she can accomplish something and loves eating her end result, and I learn that I am doing this mama thing and doing it pretty okay!


Our counters aren’t giant height, but they are several inches taller than my girl…yet she now begs me to sit on them…when we are getting her breakfast ready, she wants to sit…when I’m getting her medicine, she wants to sit…when I’m fixing her a bottle, she wants to sit…if I’m doing dishes, she wants to sit…she has no fear of the height of “counter sittin”, just complete trust in her mama and the good time she will have up there on that counter.  She doesn’t worry about falling, but instead is excited about what will be discovered up there on high!


Again my sweet little darling is teaching me.  Again my precious Lord is showing me.  As I have been pondering this “counter sittin” over the last few days I have heard in my heart a quiet invitation to climb up on high and do a little “counter sittin” myself…I’ve been taken back to when I was a tiny shrimp sitting on the kitchen counter at home with my mum…she always made me feel like I was the best cook in the whole world, she let me get creative with what we were making, and instilled an immense cooking confidence in me that I still have to this day and I still want to be creative with whatever I’m making, so following recipes is a rare occurrence for me…I’m also reminded of my “counter sittin” days at my Grammie Eva’s convenient store, usually with an ice cream or Cheetos in hand, watching her make pizzas (with canned mushrooms, oh I can taste that memory) and help customers.  I learned a lot from those high vantage points, those counters on which I sat.  Again I think it is time for me to do some more learning…I feel it stirring in me that I should climb up on my savior’s “counter” and listen and learn.


Isn’t it up high on His “counter top” where we can meet Jesus face to face?  Isn’t it up high on His “counter to” that He can look us in the face and brush our hair behind our ear and tell us how beautiful we are?  Isn’t it high up there on His “counter top” where He takes my hand and says “like this my child, stir like this, slowly, scrape the side of the bowl…oops we don’t want to get flour all over the place…”?  Isn’t it up high there on His “counter top” that He shows us how it is done, and He lets us give it a try on our own?  Isn’t it up high on His “counter top” where He says “well done, you did it my sweet girl, I am so proud of you”, and in saying these things he instills confidence in us?


As I reminisce on the moments Agnes and I just spent a couple of days ago, her tiny self on our kitchen counter with the cookie batter filled bowl next to her, I am so filled with joy.  These precious moments I get to spend with my girl, telling her how beautiful and amazing she is, speaking truths into her life and telling her how incredibly loved she is, showing her and guiding her as she learns new things, instilling confidence in her are all moments I longed for in the wait for her!  I can’t help but think of the immense joy my Lord must get out of these “counter sittin” moments with me, His Girl!  I can imagine that He loves when I climb up on that “counter top” and put my faith in Him that I won’t fall cause His hand is most assuredly on my knee.  I know it must please Him when I lean in and listen for the next bit of instruction from him, “what to pour into the bowl next, how long to stir, how many cups of sugar…”.  If I, little old human mama me, gain so much pleasure out of these “counter sittin” moments with my girl, my heavenly father must gain OH SO MUCH MORE delight in “counter sittin” moments with me!

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

~Matthew 7:11

I love how this beautiful life God has given us continues to paint live, vibrant, colorful, pictures as reminders and visuals of His goodness toward me.  I love that being a mama is a whole new season of learning and leaning in closer to Him, a whole new season of “counter sittin”.  How precious is it that God loves having me on His “counter”, even though that often means His kitchen gets much messier than if He were to cook on His own?  How sweet is it that He lets us in on the action, even though we slow down His process and might even often mess up the recipe a little, forgetting an ingredient or dumping too much in of one thing (mum, remember the salt cookies I made you and dad once when I was little?).


While putting this post together, I was reminded of Moses going up on the mountain top (counter top) to talk face to face with God.  There on the mountain top God gave Moses the law and taught him much wisdom.  There on the mountain top God gave Moses a glimpse of His GLORY…and get this, I love this part…there on the mountain top (counter top) He made sure Moses felt secure by placing him in a cleft in the rock while He let His glory pass by, or if you’ll let me paint picture this for you, He put His hand on Moses’ knee so he wouldn’t fall while “counter sittin”…can you see it?  Moses and God spending some quality time face to face.  God was teaching Moses, all the while with one hand on Moses’ knee and the other hand instructing.  He was encouraging Moses to grow and learn and try new things and He was instilling confidence in Moses to go address the Israelites.  He was showing Moses His GLORY in little glimpses, and it was a special time for the two of them…during this special time Moses put his whole trust in the Lord, while he sat with his legs dangling over the edge of the “counter” and God instructed…can’t you just picture it?


When was the last time you climbed up on the “counter” and did some “counter sittin”?  When was the last time you were so high up that your legs dangled and you had to put your complete faith and trust in the hand that was on your knee, holding you in place on that “counter top”?  When was the last time you let God look you in the face, take hold of your hand and teach you something from His higher perspective?


Do you practice “counter sittin” in your home?  Do you practice “counter sittin” with your Lord?  Let me encourage you to give it a whirl…if you are super safety conscious, go get yourself a baby bumbo seat with a seat belt if that makes you feel better…but really give it a go, I’m pretty sure you will find yourself treasuring the moments you have with your littles while they are “counter sittin”…and better yet, I’m sure you will treasure the moments you let yourself do some “counter sittin” with the Lord.

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17 thoughts on “Counter Sittin”

  1. Oh, I remember those days with both of my girls counter sittin’ with me in the kitchen. Now my youngest is fifteen and I came home to find she had made me both a birthday cake for my birthday. She’s come so far from licking the spoon (don’t send them after me for that either) and getting batter EVERYWHERE! Thank you for your message this morning! It is so easy as mothers who think we must know everything to remember we are God’s children just the same and He is leading us and watching over us the same way. We never get too old to learn and we never get too old to need God’s watchful eye and understanding. Just thinking about it in this way has brought me so much peace this morning!

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  2. my sons were always in the kitchen with me when they were little. my boys are only 18 months apart so I never had them on the counter as I couldn’t keep both safe at the same time and cook. my husband made a stand for them to use. if you google toddler counter stands there are a ton of then out there. Having your children in the kitchen seeing how food is prepared, spending time doing everyday things and just being together is the greatest thing for both parent and child. Keep sharing these every day moments with your little lady and you will see that it helps nurture both of you in ways that no one would expect.

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    1. Maybe my hubs can build her a stand! My counter space is small so that would be helpful…but we also live in a little apartment with a tiny kitchen here in Budapest, so a stand might be too big in there. Thanks for commenting!


  3. Love this!! How our compared our quality time, or counter sitting, with our kids to our time with God is so true. Although my girls are all now school-aged, they still love sitting at the counter with me. This reminds me to be more patient with them.

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  4. It is sweet how you are creating special memories together, and your little one does not even know it. Time spent with our children is so precious to us, and hopefully they will remember the little things with fondness when they get older.

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