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Yes, We Do Easter Eggs & Baskets

Sunday is Easter Sunday.  It is perhaps the most special holiday of the year for us!  It is the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the grave!  He conquered death and rose up after being killed on a cross to pay for our sins!  Jesus gave himself, all of himself, for ME!  I’m blown away when I really think about this gift He gave, so freely, so willingly…and for me, a yucky sin-stained human, who definitely didn’t and still don’t deserve it.

Yes, we are a Christian family and we do celebrate Easter.  We will go to church and have a nice dinner with friends after.

But, we don’t start and stop our Easter celebration on Sunday.  We celebrate Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection DAILY!  We celebrate in our prayers and conversations with the Lord, we celebrate in the songs we sing about Jesus with our toddler, we celebrate with the books we read, we celebrate by sharing our faith in the gospel with others, we celebrate Jesus being our Savior all the time.

And yes, we will also have Easter baskets and an egg hunt at our home on Easter.  We will shower our precious little with gifts in her basket, and that is okay…my Heavenly father showers me with gifts all the time, and on the first Easter Sunday He gave His only begotten son for me, the greatest gift of all.  My daughter will enjoy hunting around the yard for eggs filled with chocolate and it will bring her much joy, and that is more than okay…my Savior wants us to live a joy filled life.

Do I want my little girl to know Jesus?  YOU BET I DO!  More than anything else!  That is why we talk about Him everyday, and not just on Easter and Christmas.  I also want to lavish my daughter with all the joys and desires of her little heart!  I want her to learn to celebrate life and the Lord and all the blessings He gives us…so we will have egg hunts till she gets too big and doesn’t want to participate praying that she is like her mama who would still gladly participate in an egg hunt as a grown up and I will fill her Easter basket to overflowing every year…further more I will fill her shoes with treats every December 6th for St. Nicolas Day, I will fill her stocking to overflowing every Christmas eve, I will bake her favorite cake for her birthday, adoption day, and name day till we are old and gray…I am her mama and being her mama has been the desire of my heart for longer than I can remember…I find joy in lavishing my little with love and gifts…and I believe my Lord finds joy in watching us His children living out the desires of our hearts!

We will talk about Jesus on Sunday, just like we talk about Him every other day of the year…and we will do fun things to celebrate as well.  Does my Agnes need to know who the Easter bunny is?  So far she doesn’t and that is okay by me, but if she discovers him it won’t be the end of the world or make us less of a Christian home…Jesus is the center and the other fun things are just little joys we get to experience!

I know there are some Christian homes that will not be allowing any bunnies or eggs or baskets into their celebration of our Savior’s rising from the grave, and I do not judge that…whether you have bunnies decorating your home for Easter or not doesn’t determine if Christ is living your heart.  Let’s all agree not to judge each other on how we celebrate and lavish our own children…and agree that our main goal should be to be bolder with our love toward others and that we should be bolder with our sharing of the gospel!

If you are doing baskets in your home this year, but haven’t gotten them together yet there is still time.  In fact you can use my sweet link here and Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.  With Prime you can get all your basket supplies and basket delivered in two days!  I’ve put together some links to help you shop for a lovely toddler Easter basket and goodies to fill it!  Happy Shopping!


Find the Perfect Basket!

Copy of Find the Perfect Basket!.jpg

coloring book//

Bubbles// chalk//


And what Easter basket would truly be complete without chocolate?!?!


I also love picture books for each holiday, and Agnes has a good little collection of Easter books already…but our favorite is God Gave Us Easter.


FYI, this site uses affiliate links in most posts, and if you choose to purchase through the provided links, we will make a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you and the proceeds are used to fund this blog and support our family. Thank you!

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22 thoughts on “Yes, We Do Easter Eggs & Baskets”

  1. There is so much to holidays that you can make both a religious thing as well as a special day of magical fun. children enjoy the concept of the Easter Bunny, hunting for egg, getting special treats. I don’t think this takes away from the religious side of the holiday, it just makes it special from various angles.

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  2. So many people think that you can only celebrate the Religious part of a holiday or the “Hallmark” part of a holiday but those people are wrong! I grew up in a very Catholic family and we still every year had an Easter basket and egg hunt. I don’t think it does any harm as long as your children and family know the Church teachings behind the holiday!


  3. Holidays are so fun. I remember when my mother decided not to celebrate the holidays with costumes, candy, etc. It was devastating. I was really angry. It made me think Christianity was not fun. It was severe. When I had my kids, we did Easter baskets, trick or treat, and every other holiday event, but we always put the focus back on Jesus.

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  4. I guess I never realized some Christians didn’t celebrate with the Easter bunny as well, but that does make sense. Now that my daughter is 2, I want to start teaching her more about God. It’s just so hard to simplify in her terms!

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    1. Yes, my baby girl is only 2 also…we have lots of books that are Christian and we read them all the time…and I’m always singing her Bible songs. Keeping it simple, but living my life for the Lord in front of her. They are little sponges and see us and all that we do…so little things like praying with her, praying in front of her, doing my devotionals in the morning in front of her, reading the Bible to her…Take baby steps teaching your baby about the Lord simply, but just love on her and show her Christ in the way you live! HAPPY EASTER! God bless you.


  5. We do the same in our home. Always have, always will. We will attend church on Sunday for Easter service. I am a Christian. My Mom and Dad were both Pastors. We talk about Jesus all the time. We ha e daily devotions and bible class in our home school. Yet, we have baskets, egg hunts, and the Easter Bunny visits as well. My child knows the true meaning behind “commercialized Easter” but to see the pure joy on his face when finds his basket and eggs – well, that’s what childhood is all about. I had those things growing up and have carried on the same traditions with our child. Thanks for sharing!


  6. YES! I agree completely with this. My children know and celebrate the true meaning of Easter. They also get a visit from the Easter Bunny and participate in Easter Egg Hunts!

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  7. I really see no harm in letting kids have easter eggs and a basket. It is harmless fun! As long as you are teaching the real meaning behind the day, some colored eggs just add some charm and family time to the holiday. 🙂


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