Five Minute Friday no.2

Last week I found this lovely link-up called five minute Fridays…each week they give a new word as your writing prompt, you write for 5 minutes on that word, and then link your post up with a bunch of other posts on the same word…then you get to check out other bloggers and see what they wrote with the same word prompt!!  I had so much fun writing last week’s post on routine that I thought I would join in on the fun again today!!


This week the word is SETTLE.  I have set my timer and I am ready to write!  Here goes!


Settle down.

Settle for something.

Settle an argument.

What comes to mind when you hear the word settle?

For me many scenarios come to mind but the prominent thing on my heart with this word is settling my anxious heart.  Secret’s out, I sometimes often face anxiety.  It creeps into my mind and heart at any random time it wants and causes me to feel UNSETTLED.  Anxiety causes me to fear the unknown.  I so quickly get consumed with the what ifs.  Anxiety steals my joy in life.  Anxiety causes me to doubt…doubt who I am…doubt that I am valued and loved…it causes me to feel rejection even when I am not being rejected.

When I let the word of God wash over me and truly dwell in me, I am settled.  I can act in confidence and not fear.  I can love myself and others.  I can feel at home and have joy and peace that passes understanding.  I feel settled when I am truly relying on the Lord alone and His promises.

This is a daily battle for me and some days its a minute by minute battle…taking my unsettled self back to His promised and letting them wash over me again so that my heart can settle.

Timer beeped…but one last thing…It is good Friday today!  When you read what happened on that first good Friday it can be unsettling, Christ’s crucifixion was terrible and gruesome…but He came and He died on that first good Friday to “settle” the score if you will, to make it so we could have peace with God and truly be settled.

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts”

~Colossians 3:15

I love that and want to live that!  That the peace of Christ, who came to earth for me and died on a cross for me on that first good Friday, would DWELL RICHLY IN ME and SETTLE my heart that is plagued with unsettling fears and anxieties.

Head on over to Five Minute Fridays and check out the other posts on SETTLE…or if you’re feeling bloggy, write for five minutes on SETTLE and link up yourself!!

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5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday no.2”

  1. “Anxiety causes me to doubt…doubt who I am…doubt that I am valued and loved…it causes me to feel rejection even when I am not being rejected.”

    I have felt this lately and unexpectedly today even though it wasn’t really a rejection. It feels heavy and made me cry and upset which makes me feel ridiculous. It’s also really making me think of Jesus and today. Thank you for putting how I’ve been feeling into words and the reminder I’m not alone. Visiting from fmf ☺️

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