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Sunday Soul Food no.2


Happy Easter Everyone!!!  Good morning!!  I just flipped my calendar over to April and the beautiful page says “Breathe!”.  God has really been working on my heart lately to completely trust Him with all parts of my life and have total faith in Him, even with my anxieties and fears!  I am so excited to start a fresh month off celebrating His resurrection…and blessed that I have this “Breathe!” reminder hanging in my living room all month!!

I went to a lovely Sunrise Service this morning in the castle district!  It was such a refreshing way to start this Easter day!  I came home to my two loves enjoying their Easter baskets!  God is good!


We had the privilege of spending Good Friday evening with quite the international group and it was such a sweet time, reading through John 19 together and discussing Christ’s crucifixion for us.  Today we will get to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with our precious international church body.

Daddy’s egg!

We dyed eggs last night!  It was so fun.  Agnes enjoyed it and so did our son (Jon our friend…we joke and call him our son cause he is like family here).

Our sweet girl has a new Easter outfit, and she is SO EXCITED to wear it (especially the new shoes).  We had so much fun going to H&M to shop for her Easter dress, and she got in on the action picking it out!  Little girl friend has style already, hopefully one day she can help her mama out!!

Mama’s eggs

Today I’m listening to this song on repeat…though I must say I kinda wish it was being sung by my pals Ruth and Tina…girls, I’m gonna need a recording!!

Pumpkin’s eggs…oops one fell on the floor mama…no big deal, it’s still super precious to me!

I’m cooking a ham today for lunch, and yesterday I made potato salad to go with!  We are having a casual lunch, letting our girl get a good nap, and then some darling friends from church are coming for dessert and an Easter egg hunt for the kids!!  Call me a weirdo but I LOVE stuffing Easter eggs and hiding them, and even more I love watching others joyfully hunt for them!  I’m making this peanut butter pie for dessert!  I’M OBSESSED with this pie…you will be to, head on over and follow that super easy recipe, you will not be disappointed!

I’m reading Matthew chapter 28 this morning!  The tomb is empty, my Jesus is alive!

Jon’s egg!

We have the hubs home for a FIVE DAY WEEKEND, so we are going to enjoy extending the Easter festivities for a couple more days!  There is a lovely Easter festival in the city near the castle with tons of free kids events that we will be hitting up with friends tomorrow!

Enjoy your Sunday!  Take a minute and be still, and be thankful for all that Christ did for us on that cross a little over 2000 years ago!  Live life with love, joy, and peace if you have Christ living in you, because He is Love, Peace, and Joy!  If you don’t know Christ personally, get to know Him…I promise that you won’t regret putting your faith in Jesus and having a relationship with Him…if you don’t know how, feel free to ask me, I would be SUPER happy to share the JOY I have in my Savior with you (email me!


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8 thoughts on “Sunday Soul Food no.2”

    1. Yes! The eggs were so fun!! We don’t have white eggs to dye here, just the fresh brown ones…but I think I like the results better than with white ones! My pumpkin loved her basket!! Happy Easter to you! God bless you!!


  1. I love the reminder to breathe, it is one thing I want to do more and more this month too. And yes He is alive! Our savior is not in the tomb, He is alive. Such a sweet reminder.


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