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Let me be light…a book review


We had some happy mail arrive today!!  Thanks Mum!

My sweet Mum sent Agnes two books in the mail and they came today, making us two very happy girls at bedtime.  Who doesn’t love a good new book?!?!

When God Made Light is truly a darling little book.  It was so timely for us too…not only is my dear sweet girl obsessed with the sun and moon these days, but her mama (little old me) has been thinking on the message of this book for some time too…I haven’t even spoken these thoughts aloud to anyone, yet my mum knew the book we needed!!


This book is super beautifully illustrated, and written with just enough rhyming and fun word use that Mama enjoys it as much as baby.  The book talks about God creating light, the sun, moon, and stars…and how we need the light for all sorts of things…but my favorite part of the book is when it talks about us being the light…this has been on my heart lately soo soo much!

“Cause you’re just like the sun and moon in the sky, as lustrous as twinkles that dazzle the eye.  You’re as splendid as lighting when it flashes so bright, cause on the day you were born, God said, ‘Let there be light!'”


We are the light of the world!  I love how the author Matthew Paul Turner put that “the day you were born, God said ‘let their be light!'”.  I have been thinking a lot about generosity lately (thank you Kelly Minter for your awesome study on 2 Cor that I get to do twice a week with lovely ladies) and about boldness.  I have been convicted convicted in a good way, not the guilt ridden burdensome way to be bolder with the gospel and to give more!  I have been thinking about being more positive and kind and welcoming to others.  I have been thinking about truly being the light of the world…


…And then this sweet book came.  I love how it sort of tied up all my feels I have been having lately about this…about being bolder with sharing my story with others, and including the Lord’s part in my story as I share (His part…He is my story)…about giving more, more money, more of my time, more of my resources, more of all, because it’s all His and He gives freely…about being light and hope in a dark hopeless world…and the book so beautifully said when God made me he said “let there be light”!  How precious is that!  He knew His plans for me LONG before I was made, and He knew His plans for sweet Agnes LONG before she was made…and it was that we would be light!


We seriously love books…ask my mum about how much I have always loved books…to read them even before I could read, they would be upside-down but I would be babbling along as I read my books, to write them…last night she video called me so show me some books I wrote as a little little girl, I wrote several chapters and books in a series Pine Branch Stables that I made up at the ripe age of 7, and of course I had priceless illustrations as well…that story is for another day!


My sweet  girl is following in Mama’s footsteps and loving books too!  Every day we read at least (this is a major understatement) 10 books during the day, but usually more, and every night we read our special books before bed.  We are so excited about this new addition to our collection of special bed time books!  I love the sweet message it tells.  I love that it can teach my sweet girl about God creating.  I love that it will build her up and encourage her to be light in this dark world.  I also love that it has sweet reminders for me the Mama too…reminders that I am the light, that I must shine brightly, that I must twinkle love out to others!  It is so special to get a lovely new book, and even better when it is such a special one as this!  If this book isn’t in your collection I encourage you to click this link and go order it right away!  You won’t be disappointed!

We loved it so much we plan to go order When God Made You too!  Go get yourself a copy…get a copy of each of them…give them as a gift…share them with your kids…if you teach, get this to read to your class…or just read it as an adult, its such a sweet simple reminder!

FYI, this site uses affiliate links in most posts, and if you choose to purchase through the provided links, we will make a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you and the proceeds are used to fund this blog and support our family. Thank you!

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14 thoughts on “Let me be light…a book review”

  1. I that…..when God made me, He said let there be light! Amazing perspective on being the light! Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Wow! I’ve never heard of these books before – don’t mind me while I go and fill my cart :D!!! Such a raving a review, I love the little tidbits about “when God made me, He said let their be light!” How AWESOME of a way to understand God’s love for us!


  3. Reading was one of my favorite things to do with the kids I’ve cared for as a nanny. I also have tons of nieces and nephews, and this definitely sounds like one that should be filed away on my gift list! And it’s so cool how God uses so many different little things in our lives to tie together whatever work He is doing in our heart!


  4. I just love when God uses unexpected ways (like Children’s books) to speak to our hearts! I am going to have to add these to my wish list for our future miracle babies. Thank you for sharing!


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