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Five Minute Friday no.3

Wow!  This is my third Friday participating in the Five Minute Friday Link-up!  It is such a fun exercise for my brain.  I get the new word each week, set my timer for 5 minutes and just write!  If you want to link-up also click on the link above or the picture below!  Today’s word is RELEASE!  Alright Timer is set…ready, set, write!


When I think about the word release I think about catch and release fishing…

I think about needing to have something in your grasp first in order to then release it…

I think about letting something go…

For so many years I begged God for a baby.  I held so tight to the prayers and hopes and dreams of a child that sometimes I couldn’t see anything else.  Sometimes I lost sight of the Lord because I was so focused on the desires of my heart…you know that verse in Psalms that says God will give you the desires of your heart?  Well I knew it well…or so I thought…and I would beg God to do just that, give me my desires…but I totally ignored the first part of the verse so many times that says “delight yourself in the Lord” AND He will give you the desires of your heart.

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

~Psalm 37:4

I knew what I wanted and I gripped that desire tight.  For years this left me in anguish with white knuckles and sore hands from gripping my wants and desires.  It left me crying on the bathroom floor, it left me screaming out to God from the driver seat of my car, it left me feeling helpless when He didn’t do what I wanted at my command!

Our first family selfie

Something AMAZING happened when I released my grip on my desires and truly gave them to God…

Something AMAZINGLY changed in my heart when I decided to operate in the first part of the verse…when I started to delight myself in the Lord…

I released all my hopes, dreams, desires, to Him and started to get to know Him and delight myself in Him…

He changed me a little each day and He placed new desires in my heart…

He placed better desires in my heart…

He took a desperate heap on the floor staring at yet another negative pregnancy test…scooped her up and held her…He healed her heart issues…He placed adoption on the forefront of her heart…He had better for her!

When I released my will and my way to the Lord, He gave me His will and way in place of it…and let me tell you HIS WAY is SO MUCH BETTER than my way…

Now I look down at my sweet little girl, the promise the Lord had for me long before I knew it, and I know that I must release her to Him…she is mine, but she is His first!  No I don’t literally have to release her to go live in a temple like Hannah did with Samuel, but I do have to give her life over to the Lord and be a good steward with my time with her and teach her about Him!

She is getting so big!

What are you white knuckling today?

What desire of your heart are you desiring for God to give you today?

Are you delighting yourself in Him first?

What do you need to release to the Lord so that you can let Him give you something far better in return?

Thanks for reading head on over to five minute Fridays and read the other release posts!  Happy Friday! 


15 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday no.3”

  1. Thanks for sharing your story! It is easy to get caught up in our desires and cling to them but so much better when we release them to God and seek him first! I’m glad your desires for a child were fulfilled in the end. Visiting from FMF #11.


  2. Praising God with you, Myriah! I can hear the joy in your heart as you testify of God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life. Keep singing your life song of delighted release! God bless!


  3. I white-knuckled an unhealthy relationship for far too long. I had myself convinced that there was only one desirable outcome, and I also begged God for the outcome that I thought was best. . God has taught me so much about releasing people and relationships to him in the past few months.


  4. God used the word prompt today to help me release MY desires last night…I feel a new excitement. I don’t know what it is, but I feel excited to see what God has for me since I have let go of my desires. Such a beautiful gift God had in store for you…all you had to do was let go of your desires so that you could see the desire of His heart! And I bet He is not done yet…I prayed for a daughter for years and years and years and He finally gave me one but then I did have to release her into His hands like Hannah, when He took her to be with Him when I was five months pregnant…and now, I have TWO daughters. They are alive and healthy and I get to watch them play together all day long. He restored unto me twofold


  5. Love your view on the word release. Sometimes we have to let everything go in order to receive something from God. I’m glad God brought you your beautiful little girl into your life. What a blessing it is to have someone to cherish and love with all of your heart.


  6. So glad you’ve joined this rag-tag band, Myriah! I’ve been participating for…gosh, almost four years! Crazy. You’ll make genuine friendships across the miles and the internet.

    There’s a lot of wisdom in your post. I am not able to have children, but I firmly believe that God has good plans for me and my husband. He has not left us hanging and He never will.


    1. God bless you!! I so understand the ache that comes with that, but so thankful that you know the Lord. Anyone that has to walk through hards without Him….I don’t know how they do it!


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