Buy A Kit~Join A Community

Hi Sweet Readers!!


You may have already checked out my oils experiment page here on the little old blog, and read about the oily journey our family is embarking on!  When I joined Young Living, I was welcomed into the most warm, loving, kind, and fun team!  They say you “buy a kit, join a community” and they are correct!  These lovely ladies have answered all my crazy questions, have shared so much incredible information with me, and really just been amazing inspirations already and this oily journey has just begun for me!

My awesome team just shared some freaking amazing news with me, so I just had to pass it on to you all!!  Right now there is a sweet promo for new members!!  If you are at all curious about this whole awesome oily world, now is the time to jump in!!  I would LOVE to have you on my team.  I would LOVE to walk with you in this oily journey.  I would LOVE to help you discover all the natural products that Young Living offers.  Our sweet team is so helpful, and when you join with me you automatically get access to the amazing team I am with…you will be added to facebook groups that are filled with oily users that can answer questions, help you use your oils, and really guide you on this journey!

LYP PSK promo

I would absolutely love to help you enroll!  You can head over here and order your Premium Starter Kit and get your Essential Rewards account all set up so that you can take advantage of this amazing promo!  This offer is only good for one week, so please email me myriahsochurek@gmail.com with any questions you may have, I would be happy to help you out!  These oils are amazing and if you enroll with me you are not just buying a kit, but you are also gaining a community of awesome people!



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