A Little Late to the Game

Is April too late in the year to claim a New Year Resolution?

I think not.  Because the God I serve generously gives me new mercies each and every morning.  The Lord of my life forgives me 70 times 7 in any given single day!  My Savior says “today is the day of salvation” and He is holding off coming back so that just one more soul will be saved!!  He loves with patience and long suffering.

Maybe it’s the spring cleaning tips I’m seeing everywhere…maybe it’s this new season I am in, learning to mother well everyday, falling many times and getting back up again…maybe it’s me growing up (about time right, hello thirties)…recently I have felt like God has picked me up and turned me upside-down to dump out all the dust and clear out all the cobwebs and really do some Spring cleaning in my heart.  He is causing me to stir, to question, to wonder, to dream, to seek His will in whole new ways…and while it is so exciting in a lot of ways, it is also terrifying.

I have been blogging for almost 9 full years now.  This sweet space is new, but you are so welcome to go check out my old space (if you want to see my lower quality photos haha, but also learn more about our story).  Pretty much since I began blogging I have also been an avid blog follower…one of those sweet blogs I started following YEARS ago and am still following is Casey’s blog.  Each year for several years now she has chosen a word for her year around New Year’s day…not just her but several blogs I read.  It has always been so fun to read all the words people have chosen and to then see how God uses those words in their lives each year!  I have timidly sat back and loved this, but never joined in on the fun of it…

…in a lot of ways, I have sat back and not joined in on the fun of a lot of things in my life.  I have let my fears and anxieties hold me back.  I have let insecurities and disbelief stunt my growth…

…well today April 10th, 2018 I’m claiming my word for the year!  Yes, I am late to the game, but don’t they say “better late than never” (they being the 40 mid-west dentists, as my husband likes to say).  God is doing serious Spring cleaning in my heart and some of the cobwebs He is clearing out are fear, anxiety, and insecurity.  He wants me to be BOLD.  He wants me to believe what He says about me!  He wants me to be anxious for nothing!  He wants me to act out of love not fear!

Everywhere I look these days I am seeing this theme of BOLDNESS!  In the books I’m reading (if you haven’t read this book go order it now), in the Bible study I am doing, in the business I am launching, in my interactions on the trams and at the playgrounds!!  I really feel like the Lord has basically set the word BOLD before me on one of those bright neon signs, and I can almost audibly hear Him saying “take this, own it, be BOLD, and I will honor that and support you”.

So here I am claiming my word for the year in April (not January, but isn’t today the day of salvation?).  My word is BOLD.  With shaky, open hands I am looking to the Lord with great expectation of what He is going to do with me as I say yes to BOLD this year.  I am going to continue to share our story, but oh so much BOLDER (this is my prayer).  I am going to BOLDLY approach His throne for all the promises He has for me, I am going to BOLDLY ask Him for more!  I am going to start BOLDLY loving my neighbor, instead of pining over not having the community that I long for!


I am going to embrace BOLD this year and I am terrified and excited to see how the Lord uses it!


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24 thoughts on “A Little Late to the Game”

  1. Like you said, better late than never. lol We all need encouragement (or a word to encourage us) no matter what month it is. We should strive to be better every single month. Here’s to you being bold.


  2. What a great word! The enemy sure is bold in his spreading of lies and deceit so what power there is in being bold and standing up and trusting God and giving all of your concerns to God!


  3. What a great word to choose! Bold obedience can be scary, but your willingness to grow in this area is inspiring!


  4. I love that you are choosing a new word for the year. So good. We have picked “words of the year” for a few years. 2015 was our first. Honestly, God has continued to completely blow my mind. I always think I have the word all figured out when we pick it, and then God uses that word to completely turn my world upside down (in the best way). Praying he does the same for you! Bold is such a great word! I can’t wait to hear what God does in 2018 for you!


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