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I’m Not Scared


One of the best parts of blogging is the sweet community of writers I get to “meet” via the interwebs!!  Truly I have met some of the kindest women on earth, maybe we will not ever meet face to face, but we the shared fellowship with these ladies is so genuine!

Recently I “met” Roxanne Stephenson, a stay at home mama of two and a published children’s book writer!!  As rewarding and wonderful as motherhood is, Roxanne became bored with the daily grind of laundry, dishes, housework, and playing.  She decided to enrich her life with writing!  She took on the challenge of writing a children’s book to grow and stretch herself more as a person!  She did it!!  I’m so happy for her and excited about this wonderful story for littles!!

This book I’m Not Scared! was written for her oldest child.  He was keeping Roxanne and her husband up nearly every night because of fears.  It became a struggle every evening to bring their son peace and help him get rest, so in a sleep deprived delirium Roxanne wrote a children’s book for her son.  Her first book was on loose leaf paper, stapled together, and written with crayons!  The book helped!  The first draft didn’t completely diminish his fears though, so she kept at it and wrote a new version that had a Biblical message and her son loved reading it and his fears went away!


I love how she took some loose leaf and crayons in a desperate moment and then God birthed this amazing children’s book that is now available for all parents to read to their fearful children at night before bed!!

The book follows Max as he is going to bed. Max encounters his various fears and overcomes each one with the help of God. God holds his hand, lights up the darkness, and guides his imagination bringing Max happiness and comfort.

Do you have a child that is afraid at night?

Are you loosing lots of sleep because your child isn’t sleeping?

First I suggest (and perhaps you are already doing this) praying over that baby of yours EVERY night when they go to bed!  Ask God to help them sleep well and to have sweet peaceful dreams!  Pray this out loud so they hear and understand that prayer is powerful, and so that the prayer is spoken into the atmosphere!

Also, go get yourself a copy of Roxanne’s book at Amazon!  If you have read along here on this blog for any amount of time, you know I’m a lover of books and LOVE reading to my little!! I highly recommend this gem of a story.  It came from a mother’s heart, full of love and desire to help her son!!

Stay tuned for more children’s book reviews!!  I can’t wait to share our favorite adoption books with you!! If you missed this review, go read it…you will want to order that book too!

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3 thoughts on “I’m Not Scared”

  1. This is so inspiring!! Just reading this article made me happy! Kudos to Roxanne for coming up with the book idea and then sharing it with the world! 🙂


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