Sunday Soul Food no.4


Happy Sunday from two happy girls!  This photo was taken yesterday while we were out as a family traipsing through the woods of Budakeszi, Hungary.  Usually I don’t get in the frame, but normally I’m found behind the camera.  I chose to not worry about how I would look and handed the camera over to the hubs to capture this moment with my girl!  I want her to know mama was there too in all these memory making moments!

If you too struggle with getting into the frame of photos, stop now…really…think about how God feels about you and how He sees you, then say “cheese”.  If I can do it someone who has struggled with insecurities about my appearance and who I am for years, yes it just got real…sorry than you can too!  Let’s stop letting our fears steal precious moments and memories from us!

We are getting ready for church and my sweet girl is so excited to see her “FENDS!!”

I have been listening to this song over and over again!  I am who He says I am!  Thank God I’m not who I have been saying I am.  Thank God He is helping me to truly believe His words that He gently, tenderly speaks over me!

Our weather has been so luxurious lately that I have been making yummy salads with all sorts of creative toppings!  Tonight I plan to make Taco salads!!  What do you put on yours?  Our taco salads always have corn on them, YUM!

I just read this book in literally 2 Hours and I am sure I’m going to revisit it often!  Really ready to purge our home of yucky stuff!

Time to head to church!  Enjoy your Sunday!!

Join Me next Sunday for Sunday Soul Food no.5

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