Switch-N-Ditch~Windex Edition


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Okay, got that out of the way, ha!  But really, I have shocked myself with HOW MUCH I love Thieves!!  I had heard about Thieves and how wonderful it was, and truly believed that other people loved it…but in my heart I was a little skeptical.  I mean I heard it smells a little like Christmas, and I didn’t know how I felt about that…do I really want my house to smell like Christmas?  I heard you can clean literally EVERYTHING with it, and I wasn’t quite sure…I mean how can you clean mirrors or windows with an all natural concentrate mixed with water and not leave streaks??  I heard “you are going to love Thieves” over and over again, but truly all I kept thinking was “but I really love my Windex“…and I just wasn’t sure that this Thieves stuff was going to make anything really shiny and clean.

LISTEN!!  My fears and doubts have been put to rest and I am SOLD on Thieves for everything, FOR LIFE!  Here are just 5 (of a million so far) reasons why I am in love with Thieves and will sing it from the roof tops till all of you all have this in your homes too:

  1.  It does smell like Christmas, but in the BEST OF WAYS!!  It doesn’t have an artificial Christmas decor smell…but there are hints of spice in there that make you feel at home!  But it smells FRESH TOO, like lemony fresh!  The smell is so pleasing and it lingers after you have cleaned with it!  The smell (remember I thought “Christmas smell, I’m not sure about that”) is one of my fave things about it!
  2. It cleans my mirrors BETTER than Windex.  I can’t believe I just wrote that, but guys it is true!!  And this is coming from a person who LOVES her Windex a lot and used to (yes I said USED TO) clean everything with it!  We have mirrored closet doors that I do my make-up in front of and Agnes joins me there quite often…needless-to-say, my sweet precious girl had really done a number on these doors with lotion and snot and spit and dirt…and with my Thieves spray they came so clean, so quickly, not a streak left!!  HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY I’M IN LOVE WITH THIEVES?!?!
  3. My stove top has NEVER looked better (okay maybe that first day when we moved into the apartment and the kitchen was newly installed and the plastic wrapping had literally just been taken off the appliances).  I am not a great stove top cleaner…or should I say I WAS not a good stove top cleaner…I tried all sorts of things on my stove top, hot soapy water, bleach, my beloved Windex, toilet bowl cleaner (what was I thinking, whoa holy chemicals), degreasing cleansers….and it just never looked squeaky, shiny clean to me…so, embarrassingly true, I often just left the stove top as is cause I knew I would never get it clean anyways.  LISTEN!!  I mixed my bottles of Thieves at 30 parts water to 1 part Thieves, which is considered the normal mixture for most cleaning…I didn’t even mix it for heavy degreasing!  Guys and gals my stove needed some SUPER, HEAVY, HEAVY DEGREASING…but I tried the normal mixture I had made…sprayed it on the stove top and wiped away all the ICK!!  I was AMAZED!  I AM AMAZED!  Cleaning my stove top can be easy?  Cleaning my stove top is attainable?  YES IT IS!!  Again, IN LOVE WITH THIS STUFF!
  4. It got chocolate off my couch!  That’s right, the same cleaner that degreased my stove top and left it’s stainless steal finish shiny and streak free ALSO took a chocolate stain off of my couch!  My couch has lots of stains from the daily wear and tear of a toddler…oh how I only wish I had Thieves cleaner SOONER!!
  5. My bathroom has never smelled better, sparkled more, or been so easy to clean!  I love that my Thieves cleaner is in my spray bottle and I can use it on everything in the house…so, when I went in to clean the bathroom I literally just took my Thieves and paper towels!!  I cleaned my toilet, sink, and mirror in like 10 minutes!!  My mirror is streak free, my toiled is sparkling and the Thieves even got rid of some water stains in the toilet bowl, and my sink is soap scum free!!  GUYS AND GALS THIS IS HUGE!!  The soap scum in my sink has been persistent and my toddler chasing schedule hasn’t afforded for me to be so persistent in removing it and I have tried letting toilet bowl cleaner sit in the sink soaking it, I have to scrub really hard and it’s never all gone.  I will say that I did scrub hard but the Thieves worked like a charm!!

Like I said those are just 5 reasons that I LOVE Thieves, but really I can’t say enough good things about it…and to give you a bonus reason, MY SWEET DAUGHTER SOMETIMES LICKS THE TABLE…when you are done laughing or being grossed out, I want you to think about that…my little one sometimes puts her precious little tongue on the table (settle down guys, she is two) and I don’t have to worry one second about that hurting her anymore…this is a CLEAN and SAFE product!  I don’t feel like I’m wiping harsh chemicals all over the place when I have to wipe the table down for the 50th time of the day cause a certain little someone squished her grapes all over the place again!

thieves (1).jpg

Now for a shameless plug…that’s right I said SHAMELESS, cause I am not ashamed to share oils with you, in fact I boldly share them!  When you get your Premium Starter Kit from Young Living, you get a precious little sample pack of Thieves cleaner!  Little packet?  Yes.  But oh so precious packet that will change your cleaning experience and leave you wanting more!  The great thing is this little packet will make almost 4 cups of cleaner!!  Mix it up with 900 ml of water in a spray bottle, preferably glass (Young Living has these if you need one) and then clean to your hearts content…or until you run out and then you are calling me, texting me, emailing me, and facebook messaging me to find out how to get your hands on more!  The beautiful thing is, you can get more, and Young Living has an awesome, generous monthly rewards program to help you stay stocked with all your favorite Thieves products and oils!

Now I’m going to go throw all my Windex (and by all I mean the 4 spray bottles I have dispersed around our little apartment) in the trash!  And while I’m at it I’m chucking my toilet bowl cleaner, degreasing spray (that never really did any degreasing for me anyways), and some other misc. chemical filled cleaners I have kicking around under my counters!

While I take the trash out, what are you waiting for?  Walk, no RUN, or just click here and order your Young Living Premium Starter Kit…while you are in the virtual office add a bottle of Thieves cleaner to your shopping cart, because I promise you are going to want more after you try the sample pack!  Maybe the oily kit intimidates you still, but you are so convinced about the Thieves after reading this…order the Premium Thieves Kit instead of the Premium Starter Kit and get your clean on!!

I know I started with this, but I have to say it one more time…I FREAKING LOVE MY YOUNG LIVING THIEVES CLEANER!!

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