Five Minute Friday no.4

I missed the Five Minute Friday link-up last week because I posted this, it was a dear to my heart post that I felt was worth missing Five Minute Friday to post…if you missed it, would you please go give it a read?

I love this five minute writing prompt each week…every Friday there is a new word that we all write about for five minutes…then we share our posts in a linky party…then we get to read what we each thought about the same word…SO FUN!


Today’s word is TURN.  I’ve got my diffuser going with peppermint and lemon, and I’m feeling awake and ready to write.  I will set my timer here in a second to five minutes (cause I really don’t like to “cheat” although sometimes I do finish that last sentence or two after the buzzer sounds) and write.  When you are finished here, feel free to click on the picture above and head over to read some other Five Minute Friday posts!


Maybe it is the first grade teacher in me…maybe it’s the mama of a toddler in me…but when I hear the word turn I think “take turns!” or “be kind and share please”…oh the many times I have found myself saying that to my littles.

We are often telling kids to take turns, or to let others have a turn, but are we giving ourselves a turn in life?  Now, before I type anymore here, please hear my heart.  I am not writing the following to boast in myself, but rather to boast in the work that the Lord is currently doing in my life, in the hopes that it will encourage you.

I feel like the Lord is gently telling me that it is my turn now.

My turn to live.

My turn to breathe.

My turn to be healthy.

My turn to dream.

My turn to walk with my head held high in confidence…confidence in who I am…confidence in my appearance, in how He created me…confidence in my faith…confidence in my abilities…I know the word isn’t confidence…but I truly feel Him telling me that it is my turn to have confidence.

As a teacher of littles, as a mama, as a wife, as a Bible study leader, it has been my job to cheer others on, and that is a job that I never want to quit…but it is okay to let the Lord work in me, and it is okay to take a turn cheering myself on!

Agnes is obsessed with this book and we read at least 5 times a day now!  It has become the ONLY BOOK we read at bedtime.  I feel like it has been speaking to me, to shine my light that God has put inside me!  I love how the Lord even uses children’s books to speak to my heart!  I’m paraphrasing here but it says “now shine like the sun! sparkle like the stars!  and wherever you go dark will stop being dark!”  I just LOVE that!

So today I am claiming the light inside me!  I am claiming my turn to shine!  And my prayer is that wherever I go “dark will stop being dark!”

Have you taken a turn for yourself lately?  What is the Lord leading you to take a turn in?


13 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday no.4”

  1. What a wonderful way to look at our word for the day at FMF! I love that you’re reveling in your time to take a turn. How else can we help others to flourish and grow if we aren’t also doing so?

    Your neighbor at FMF.


  2. This is very inspiring. I think as Mothers we give so much and think of our own turn very little. What a ways to start the weekend.


  3. What a fun link up! I am taking my turn to go out on a family adventure this weekend! Yay for sweet family times!


  4. “My turn to have confidence.”

    I really like this. All too often I equate humility with berating myself, which isn’t humility at all. Confidence is knowing who I am in Jesus and embracing all the gifts He’s given me. A huge, life-long struggle, but your words here were a great encouragement!


  5. Isn’t that book by Matthew Paul Turner amazing. He actually has another one out that is just a wonderful. I am sure your daughter would love it too.
    I love that God is speaking these soul breathes into your life. I pray that you live into these areas of life that He is showing you to step into. You are loved


  6. I enjoyed reading this, what a great way to look at the word “turn” such a simple word, but can carry a lot of meaning. I definitely agree with what you said here and as moms, it is important to give ourselves a turn. A lot of times we just put ourselves last and do not even think about taking care of ourselves, so that we can be better and do better for our families.


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