Sunday Soul Food no.5


Happy Sunday Everybody!!  I’m a little late in writing and posting this Sunday Soul Food post this week, but GRACE GRACE!!

We just had a lovely installation service for our new pastor at church today!!  It was a beautiful service and half of the worship songs had me bawling while I sang today!  After service we had a wonderful fellowship luncheon…I LOVE these lunches because I get to talk to someone new and my sweet girl gets to run her guts out around the church with her little pals!!

Now we are home and I am enjoying my Citrus Fresh in my diffuser while I write.  I’m listening to sounds of a thunder storm coming from Agnes’ bedroom while she naps away!  I’m hoping to make homemade pizzas tonight…planned to make them Friday, but my HUBBY FINISHED HIS MASTER’S DEGREE!!!!!!!  Let me take a second to BRAG ON HIM!!  I am SO PROUD of my awesome hubster, that I now affectionately call Master Tim, for his AMAZING accomplishment of getting his Master’s degree while working full time, Daddying full time, husbanding full time, and just taking care of us girls well!!  SOOOO, we went to dinner to celebrate on Friday night…then planned on making pizza last night, but was invited to a lovely team hang out at our head of school’s home after the school Spring Concert (which btw was so cute…love watching my littles that I used to teach perform their little hearts out)…so tonight I’m going to try and make home made pizzas, but am flexible for anything else fun that may come along!

Loving Spring!

Loving reading my Bible in the mornings!

Loving my oils diffusing through the house and on my person!  Seriously guys, must do a post soon on my love affair with Stress Away (don’t worry, my husband is so on board with this love…Stress Away and Jesus are making me a better wife and mama).

Loving watching my girl grow into such an awesome little girl (even though part of me is sad that she is not so little anymore) I think she gets more fun every day!!

Getting ready to hold my first facebook oils class this evening!  I’m super excited!!  If you want to go to it, all are welcome!  Leave me a comment on this post and I can invite you to the event…it will be open all week so you can go at your own pace!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Mamahood Stories guest blogger series starts tomorrow!!  EEK!!  I’m SOOO EXCITED for you all to read these precious ladies’ stories!!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Soul Food no.5”

  1. Congratulations to your husband! IT was hard enough for me to get my master’s degree when I was single and working full-time. I can only imagine how much more challenging it is to work toward that with a family and so many other commitments.

    I’m so glad your spring is off to a great start. I love Stress Away too. 🙂 thanks so much for visiting my Five Minute Friday post. I had a kind of busy weekend, and I’m just now going visiting. Have a great class tonight!


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