Mamahood Series~A Still Waiting Mama

Welcome to the Mamahood Stories guest blogger series!!  I have asked several special mamas to write posts for this series and I really believe they are going to encourage you and build you up!  My wish is that as you read these posts leading up to Mother’s Day, you are encouraged and exhorted to love on other mamas, waiting mamas, and women longing to be mamas!

Today’s post comes from Latonya at www.abbainterpretstime.com.  Her faith in the Lord is inspiring!  I am sure her story of the journey she is on will encourage you today!! She is learning about God’s goodness and blessing in the season of waiting.  If you are waiting on something today, take heart, and give this Mamahood Story a read!!


My husband and I married after 9 years of dating. We got married on December 1, 2007. The Lord told me to get off birth control in January 2008! Wait, what? We had plans to start our family after 2 years. Why do I have to get off now? So, after talking to my husband, I decided to go off in March 2008. Well, now I understand why the Lord told me to get off…..Let me tell you about my journey in waiting (for babies).

So, after a year of being off birth control for over a year, we realized that something just wasn’t right. In 2009, we decided to go to the fertility doctor to get tested. My tests came back normal, my eggs and entire reproductive system was fine. My husband’s test however, was a totally different story. The results revealed….Male Factor Infertility (MFI). MFI has many factors that can contribute to this form of infertility. This can be from low sperm count to abnormally shaped sperm. In humans, it accounts for 40-50% of infertility. This diagnosis shocked me and stung like nobody’s business. I just never thought this would be something we would have to deal with in our marriage. We were both hurt; however, we knew that God had a plan. Knowing this does not mean we didn’t cry or even question God, why. It just meant that He must have an amazing miracle He wants to birth through us! I never once blamed my husband or had thoughts of leaving him. I was more so sad for him, sad for us. I didn’t want him to go down this dark hole and not come back! Not sure what to do with this information, we decided to rest on it for a while, pray, and seek the Lord for direction. This was totally out of my control. From someone who likes some form of control, this was pretty hard to grasp. But deep down, I knew God was in control. His ways and thoughts are not like my own. His plans are better than anything I could ever imagine or even conjure up.


About a year after the infertility diagnosis, in 2010, we decided to go and seek the fertility doctor’s help to try and get pregnant. I thank God for putting this in place to help grow families. Getting that help does not mean you don’t trust God. Because honestly, getting procedures like IUI and IVF is still God’s hand at work. We decided to do our first IUI on May 6, 2010. That fertility treatment failed! We decided to try another IUI procedure on July 22, 2011 at a different facility. Another FAILED attempt! After this IUI, our doctor advised us to move on to IVF because that would be the only way we would have a child. That lit a fire in me! I was determined that I would prove them wrong! The Lord confirmed it to me shortly after that we would not have to go this route to get pregnant.

I remember thinking at the beginning of each year that this would be the year we would get pregnant with our miracle baby (babies)! We have gotten countless confirmations, countless prophesies, countless advice, and plenty of “Just relax and let it just happen!” Let me give you a little nugget of wisdom. Please don’t say JUST RELAX to any couple trying to conceive! Please and thank you! I promise you will thank me later for that wisdom! We know we need to relax, ummmkkkay! Alright, off my soapbox and back to this post.

Year after year went by and no miracle baby! My excitement was wearing thin! “Lord, how long?!?!?!” You said You would do the miraculous! He answered me and said, “Tonya, I never told you WHEN. But will you still trust me?” Wow! When I thought about it and looked

back in my journal, He never DID say when! Ugh! Ok, God. It’s all about how I wait on this journey. Will I just sit here, feel sorry for myself, and die……. or will I get up, pursue Him, and actively wait!?!?! I chose to W.A.I.T. I chose to allow my Abba to Interpret Time for me. Now, I’m not saying I don’t get weary in waiting. Every day I wake up and say, “Lord, I thank You for waking me up to miracles today! I thank You for waking me up to revelations, wisdom, knowledge, etc. I decree great and positive things over my day, over my life on a daily basis. I look for the miracles every day! It may not come in the form of babies yet, but I see miracles! What’s changed? My perspective, my attitude about waiting. Waiting is not meant to be negative. It’s a time to truly focus on God and building yourself up in Him. This time is for laying up treasures, in Heaven. (Matthew 6:19-21) The treasures you will find are priceless and makes the waiting easier. I promise!


Seeing so many of my family and friends celebrating their pregnancies are exciting for me, but it also reminds me that I’m still waiting for my promise. I’m not the person who won’t celebrate with others. I know it’s a miracle every time a life comes into the world. Certain holidays are hard as well. I’ve learned that it’s ok to grieve for the moment, but don’t stay in that grief. Worship, pray, and praise your way out! Call a friend or family member who has walked your journey with you.

So, where are we now on our journey? Glad you asked! We are still trusting and believing God for our children. He has given me two names, so I know we will have at least two kids. We haven’t gone to get anymore testing or fertility treatments in about 6+ years. God will do it when He sees fit! Until then, we actively wait! December of last year, He told me that 2018 will be my year of praise! I am praising God for what He has already done on our behalf and what He’s going to do! Whenever I’m down, I must get into a mode of praise!


Whatever you’re waiting on, whether it’s children, whether it’s marriage, a dream job, or direction, please don’t give up on it! If you know God said it and has confirmed it, stand on it, and remind Him of His word to you. He always keeps His promises. Let me tell you, it takes some prayer equity and a lot of patience to truly rest in the promises of God. So, how do you plan to wait? After reading this, does it give you some hope that waiting can be a good thing? God is so amazing! He will surely take care of you in your season of waiting! He strengthens you when you don’t even think you have anything left to give! His strength allows you to FLY! So……SOAR!!

silhouette praying.jpg

Thank you for reading these Mamahood Stories!  If you missed the first the second postthe third postthe forth, or the fifth post in this series go give them a read!  It was my pleasure to share all these lovely stories with you! 


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  1. Thanks for allowing me to be a guest blogger on your site. I pray this has blessed anyone in their season of waiting! God is so great to us! I pray we see HIM even in the midst of what we are going through! He’s faithful to His promises!


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