Switch-N-Ditch~Toothpaste Edition


Hey!  Hey!  Hey!! Long time no write!  SO SORRY!  I’ve just been over here LOVING my essential oils and travelling the world with my little lady, leaving very little time for blogging….I know, I know, excuses, excuses….sorry.  I will do my best to blog more frequently as pumpkin and I get settled into our vacationing life we are currently living.

Over the last few months I have fallen completely in love with my Young Living essential oils, and each month I have been switching over to different Young Living products as well!

I’m currently swooning over the Thieves toothpaste!!  I have tried other natural toothpastes in the past and just couldn’t get past the “natural” taste.  This toothpaste tastes good!!  I know, I know, you shouldn’t pick toothpaste for its taste but it does go in my mouth so it is a factor!  Beyond the taste, the paste works!!  My teeth are clean and I’m not using harsh chemicals to clean them!  WIN!  WIN!

In doing some oily research, I read that orange oil can naturally whiten teeth.  I started putting a drop of orange oil right on my toothpaste and brushing with it.  I feel like I already see a difference (this coffee drinking mama could use a lot of whitening) but sadly I didn’t take before pics….maybe I will take some today and take new pics in a month to see the progress!  I must also say that adding the orange to my brushing makes my mouth feel even FRESHER!!  Bonus-my teeth aren’t sensitive to hot and cold because I have been using those white strips that literally strip your teeth.


I’m so in love I literally ditched all my other toothpastes and won’t be going back!  I love making good healthy decisions for my body and my family!

Want to give this natural, chemical free, amazing toothpaste a try???

Want to try whitening your teeth with orange oil instead of chemical laden whitening strips???

What if I told you there is a way to get your hands on a tube of this toothpaste and a bottle of orange oil for FREE?!?!?!?!  Just by making on of the best decisions for you and your family’s health?!?!?!

Here are the deets:

Head on over here and get yourself the “BEST KIT EVER” a.k.a. a Young Living Premium Starter Kit and I will personally send you the toothpaste and orange oil!

*must be a new Young Living member

**offer available for the first 5 people to get their Premium Starter Kits ONLY, so jump on it, what are you waiting for!

***offer  can be redeemed with the purchase of ANY Premium Starter Kit (oils, Thieves cleaning kit, Ningxa Red Kit, or even MAKEUP kit)


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