Five Minute Friday no.7

Have I told you lately how happy I am to be writing again?

To be creating again?

To feel like I’m living again?

It’s Friday so I am writing a Five Minute Friday post!!  If you like my FMF post today and want to read more of them, head over here to the little linky party!  Last week I wrote for five minutes actually a bit longer than 5 minutes on the word moment, feel free to check it out!


Today’s word is repeat!  Alright timer is set really gonna try and stick to just 5 minutes today READY. SET. WRITE!

Last night I had such a great time I wish I could repeat it!


Yesterday was my 7th November 1st in Hungary and FINALLY this year I did not repeat the cycle of letting myself down on this special day.

November 1st is All Saints Day, and here in Hungary the cemeteries are beautifully lit up with candles and decorated with flowers on this special day of remembrance.  I have SOOOOO WANTED to go walk a cemetery on November 1st in the evening and take some pictures EVERY YEAR…however every year I say to myself that I will do it and every year I didn’t make it out to a cemetery…NOT this year, this year I got to check November 1st evening cemetery stroll off my bucket list!

So many parts of the evening were worth repeating!

Agnes being babysat, so I could enjoy the cemetery stroll and have 2 hands free to photograph…SO WORTH REPEATING!

Laying down in the dirt to get just the right shot with my camera…SO WORTH REPEATING!

Walking and talking with an old friend to other parts of the city to snag just a few more cool photos…SO WORTH REPEATING!


Doing something that I have always wanted to do…doing something for me you can go ahead and think I’m weird all you want because strolling through a cemetery after dark was doing something for me…SO WORTH REPEATING!

Feeling carefree and enjoying the company of a friend and just enjoying a small moment in life last night was so needed and I am inspired to do more things that I have promised myself I’d do!  This post is a lot lighter than many of my others…maybe that’s because I feel lighter…I am learning to love myself and feel normal and good in my own skin…and I am learning to do things for me!  Don’t worry I’m not about to shirk all responsibility and I’m not farming my child off to babysitters galore, but I am willing to have repeat nights like last night, because they bring me joy and joy is always worth repeatingdon’t mind my super long run on grammatically incorrect sentence


Enjoy some of my fave shots from last night’s adventure!


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