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Housewarming Gifts for the Indecisive

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The possibilities are virtually endless, and if you and the host are not very close, you might be struggling to figure out the appropriate gift.

However, some presents should be universally suitable and, when it comes to those, we have several ideas to offer you.

Retro Electric Kettle

An electric kettle should not be redundant in any household. It is efficient, quiet, and an absolute must for all of those who are used to a warm drink every morning. Whether that is coffee or tea, an appliance like this is sure to be appreciated by all new homeowners.

We would suggest choosing a Russell Hobbs kettle. At the price of $79.99, you can buy a modern, stainless steel electric kettle in various colors.

Duvet Cover and Pillowcase

One thing that most of us tend to forget to update frequently is probably our sheets. Get a beautiful set of covers and pillowcases for your host, and they will surely be grateful.

Check out for some visually appealing ideas. Our suggestion would be the Baby Pink Spot set that you can get for $70.65. This comfortable option cannot be a mistake.

Fragrance Diffuser

A fragrance diffuser should satisfy multiple senses. Besides keeping a room fresh-smelling, it looks aesthetically pleasing. On top of its primary function, it can work as home decor as well. We suggest the healthiest choice — reed diffusers.

To be more specific, any of the Stoneglow options should appeal both to the homeowner and your wallet.

Wall Art/Paintings

If you have an inkling that your host enjoys art, do not hesitate to gift him or her a unique, visually-stimulating piece. Regardless of the room, a painting can significantly improve the atmosphere.

A simple Glass Flower wall art, or a bit more exciting White Stag painting can be found at for $34.98 and $43.99 respectively.

Coffee Cup Set

Even if the new homeowner does not drink coffee, they are sure to know someone who does. Show up on their doorstep with a lovely coffee cup set, and you will receive a warm welcome.

If you are having trouble selecting a set, we suggest checking out the Crate & Barrel Merge Coffee Set, which is priced at $26.85.

None of these presents would be a mistake even if you know your host very well, but if you want to stand out, we suggest making a custom gift. You can personalize some of the options mentioned in this article, such as paintings, or you can make a gift bag. Fill it with various knick-knacks that will have meaning to your friend and chuckle together as they reveal the items.

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