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A New Donut Shop Opens Its Doors for Customers in University District

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Donut Shop Opens

University District welcomes its new sweet and fun resident, as Donut Factory opens its shop for all of those who like to nurture their inner child.

Culture, Fun, and a Sprinkle of Sugar

Vibrant and beautiful, the University District is a cultural capital that offers so many ways to spend quality time, enrich your experiences, and have fun. Now we have a new addition in the Fun Department of the University District — a new donut shop that offers a variety of creative flavors, coffee, Wi-Fi, pleasant personality, fun customers, and so much more.

The University District had its own fun place that offered tasty sweets and was open 24/7. It was the famous Ly’s that recently got closed. Now, on Ly’s spot, a new shop had arrived and brought new flavors, new recipes, and unique stories.

Tasty Donuts, Black Coffee, and Wi-Fi

Lynnwood spot Donut Factory is now open for business in University district. These are great news for everyone with a sweet tooth since the shop offers a ton of cool flavors that combine jelly, ice cream, cinnamon, fruits, chocolate, and maple. The shop is somewhere in-between Homer Simpsons’ dream and a sanctuary for those who want to take a break from a hard and busy day in the form of a tasty dessert and a warm cup of coffee. Of course, no break would be complete without a strong Wi-Fi signal and inviting interior design. Donut Factory has that also.

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