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Police Accountability Group Protests Against the Police for Tasering a Woman

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Police Accountability Group Protests

Members of Mothers for Police Accountability have filed a complaint against the Police Office of Seattle as one of the policemen tasered a distraught woman. This complaint comes under the conviction that this was done only because the woman was of African-American origin.

The Police Claims They Tried Other Methods

The woman was running naked and was held unaccountable for as a policeman tried to subdue her so she wouldn’t present a threat to herself or others. The members of the MPA group believe that if the woman were white, the police would have acted differently. They believe that alternative methods should have been used on the already distressed woman.

Harriett Walden, the spokesman of the group, explained that the woman’s skin color initiated the police to taser her immediately. This group believes that the police should have called in a female deputy for help, or at least the crisis response team.

The members believe that tasering a woman who was already stressed wasn’t the right solution.

On the other hand, the spokesman of the Sheriff’s office, Ryan Abbott, explained that the policeman at the spot was trying to calm the woman down for at least 15 minutes. Unfortunately, everything was happening too fast, and the policeman was short on time, so he couldn’t call in one of the female colleagues so quickly, Abbott says. The whole incident happened on May 15.

The reports say that Major Bryan Howard was walking down the Pioneer Square until he was awed by the woman running naked wearing nothing but socks. She was followed by a man holding her clothes and running after her. Howard, who was on duty at that time, tried to tell the woman to stop and offered assistance.

According to Howard, the woman looked disoriented, which was visible in her look. The man who was chasing after the woman was her brother, according to Bryan. He explained that the woman had schizophrenia and that she didn’t take her medication and was also high on some type of drug.

The two men tried to dress the woman, but she kept running away from their arms. She also behaved aggressively, as she ran to moving cars and tried to smash their windows. She also tried to pick fights with random passengers. Howard explains that he tried to calm her down multiple times using different methods. He even tried to explain to the woman that she wasn’t under arrest and that he just wanted to help. After trying nearly everything, he had to taser her, as he was afraid she would become a threat. Before he tasered her, he warned her he would have to do it, to which she ran into traffic again. That was when he used the taser, Howard explains.

He handcuffed the woman, and once a social worker arrived, they covered her with a blanket. Not soon after that, the woman was involuntarily committed to a Medical Center for psychic evaluation.

Dawn Mason, a member of MPA, explained that this police behavior was unacceptable. She also revealed she couldn’t believe something like this happened in Seattle. She stated that Seattle was a progressive and liberal city and that situations like these should never occur.

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