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Seattle Girl, Aged 12, Won the Respect of Tom Douglas. Now She Wants to Win ‘MasterChef Junior’

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Sadie Suskind is quickly becoming the favorite among 100,000 ‘MasterChef Junior’ viewers. After winning the approval and respect of Tom Douglas, she is climbing the ranks in the reality show and hopes to be this year’s winner. Find out more about Sadie Suskind in this article.

This 12-Year-Old Girl From Seattle Is Determined to Win ‘MasterChef Junior’

To say that Chef Gordon Ramsay strikes fear into the hearts of aspiring chefs is quite an understatement. The celebrity chef is more akin to a fire-breathing Game of Thrones dragon. When Sadie Suskind offered him a taste of her work in a recent ‘MasterChef Junior’ episode, the girl was petrified in anticipation of his reaction.

The 12-year-old aspiring chef from Seattle watched in fear of Ramsay’s response to her creation. But, as he put Suskind’s lobster cake in his mouth, the celebrity chef made a dissatisfied expression, and the show went to commercials. The sudden cut left all of us wondering about what had happened.

Suskind, who tried extremely hard to make an impressive lobster cake with tortilla chips, onions, and avocado, stated that she was afraid of Ramsay’s look.

In fact, the girl was certain that she had failed completely. She thought that the judges were going to eliminate her. However, when the show returned after the commercials, the only words out of Ramsay’s mouth were that the 12-year-old girl’s lobster cake was “dee-licious.”

The Wonder Kid

Sadie has actually gotten a lot of praise from judges Ramsay,  Aarón Sanchez, and Christina Tosi. Back in April, she was in the top 14. And, a month later, Suskind entered the top 6 for this year’s ‘MasterChef Junior’ season. It is the 7th season of the show.

The aspiring chef has gone through many challenges and came out victorious. Sadie prepared some excellent meals since the beginning of the show, including sourdough toast with bacon parmesan egg cups. Then, she made an impressive pink Champagne cake with raspberry jam and buttercream. Ramsay said the cake should be worth $25 per slice.

In general, Sadie claimed that she thinks of cooking as a significant challenge. According to her, cakes are her “happy place,” and the icing is one of her favorite components.

It seems that strong focus is Sadie’s key attribute. She has hundreds of fans who appreciate her mature vocabulary and energetic attitude.

As a student of Jane Addams Middle School in Seattle, this adorable girl has proven that she is a worthy contender and someone we should all pay attention to in this year’s edition of the popular reality show.

Her Happy Place

Rebecca Davis, Sadie’s mom, claims that her little girl was fascinated and obsessed with cooking from an early age. In fact, Davis argues that Sadie learned to cook before she even learned to walk. If that’ sounds exaggerated, Davis has offered up video footage as proof of Sadie’s skills. Sadie is one faithful foodie!

As she got older, her mom’s cooking was the thing that grabbed her attention the most. She watched as Rebecca prepared delicious meals for their family, and eventually, Sadie started to participate actively. She often kept her mom and grandma company in the kitchen. They made various Jewish dishes and just about anything they could imagine.

When Sadie learned about the legendary chef Julia Child, her dream was born.

Tom Douglas Approved

Last year, she taped a show of ‘MasterChef’ one night and had made a plan. Sadie managed to reach the award-winning Tom Douglas. Her persona, determination, and behavior were the things that Douglas was most impressed with. Douglas had won several James Beard awards. Moreover, he is also the face behind some of Seattle’s most iconic restaurants such as Lola and Etta’s or Dahlia Lounge. Thus, we can say that the chef certainly knows how to spot a major talent when he sees it.

One quality that Douglas admires the most in Sadie is her ability to remain calm and keep her identity during filming. He stated that an audience of over 100,000 people does not scare her. What’s more, the famous chef also bonded with the girl over her idol, Julia Childs, who wasn’t even alive during Sadie’s lifetime.

The Next Winner of ‘MasterChef Junior’?

Douglas is highly impressed by Sadie. He claims that she is a “spirit animal” with a personality that will inspire many young chefs in the future. He is definitely rooting for her in this year’s competition.

Another one of Sadie’s traits is the fact that she genuinely appears to be on her life path. Douglas said that she is incredibly confident and cooks for the sake of it, and not just due to childhood infatuation.

As mentioned, Sadie Suskind is in the top 6 contestants now, and the pot is starting to boil over quickly. Jaala Smith from Rhode Island was the last to go on May 14. However, in this week’s episode, both teams won the challenge and all 6 contestants were safe.

With only three episodes left, Sadie has a genuine chance to become this year’s winner. The semi-final will air on May 28, and if Sadie makes it, the fan favorite will get a shot at the ‘MasterChef Junior’ trophy in the finale scheduled for June 4th.

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