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Tacoma Motel With a Crime History Closed for a Year

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Tacoma Motel With a Crime History Closed

The city of Tacoma confirmed that it would revoke Morgan Motel’s license for at least a year due to high criminal activity.

The Neighbors Are Relieved

Tacoma Councilman, Chris Beale, said that the decision to revoke the motel’s license comes as a relief for the neighborhood. The criminal activity going on in this residence has been disrupting the peace for quite some time now. The motel will be closed for 12 months.

John Cain, the lawyer of the case, said that they would definitely take action. He fully understands the genuine intent of the city to provide a safer environment for all. He also stated that the motel owners would do their best to cooperate with the city and resolve the current situation.

He also stated that even though the city is trying to protect its residents, doing so by forbidding them from operating business is not the right way.

Tacoma Police came to Morgan Motel with a search warrant on April 15. That is when they found four people holding illegal substances, including the owners. All of the people were arrested.

The suspension of the license will not solve any of the current issues, but it already resulted in less criminal activities for the time being. Beale said that the neighborhood is filled with wonderful and dedicated people who are doing their best to keep the community safe and clean.

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