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The Last Lioness of Woodland Park Zoo Passes Away During Surgery

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Lioness of Woodland Park

The last and only lioness of Woodland Park Zoo has passed away due to mysterious circumstances. In the same week, a total of 3 lions have tragically died in West Coast zoos. Read the article for more information.

Adia, Woodland Park Zoo’s Only Lioness Dies

Adia, a South African lioness and the last animal of its kind in Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo has died on Tuesday, May 21.

The 9-year-old lioness succumbed to some complications during emergency surgery.

Recently, Adia suffered some abdominal complications and had to undergo an operation by the zoo’s health team. The initial procedure was a success, and the lioness started to heal. However, when the vets took additional radiographs during a check-up, they noticed some problems. Adia needed to undergo emergency surgery.

Dr. Tim Storms, the zoo’s associate vet, stated that the issues were resolved surgically during the emergency procedure. Sadly, before she could recover from the anesthetics, the lioness went into a sudden state of cardiac arrest.

Storms also told reporters that the staff’s efforts to save the animal were “exhaustive.”

Her Majesty

According to the press release of the zoo, Adia was playful and full of energy during her entire life.

Woodland Park Zoo became Adia’s new home in 2010 when the Species Survival Plan for African Lions (SSP) had recommended her. The organization brought the lioness to the zoo from Columbus.

In 2012, Adia gave birth to four lion cubs, and the staff claimed she was great at motherhood.

Additionally, in 2014, the lioness found a new mate, Xerxes, and gave birth to three cubs. The story went viral on social media, with Xerxes and Adia earning the adorable “dream team” nickname. Furthermore, SSP matched the mates on the grounds of personality, behavior, genetic diversity, and other factors.

The zoo staff stated that thousands of visitors and hundreds of staff members would remember Adia. She was a loving mother and a majestic queen of the pack.

The Pride of Africa

Unfortunately, Xerxes, who almost always followed his mate’s lead, is now alone. He is the only surviving African lion in Woodland Park Zoo.

As the number of African Lions has dropped by 40% in the past 3 generations, the animal received the classification of “vulnerable.”

As of recently, only 20,000 remain in the wilderness. The species is among the most powerful big cats and a symbol of Africa itself.

Strangely, two other lions have died in zoos on the west coast during the same week. The deaths occurred from Monday to Wednesday in San Francisco, San Diego, and Seattle. While old age was the cause of the other two deaths, the health team is puzzled by Adia’s death.

Even though the team performed a necropsy, the cause of her death is still mysterious. It will be revealed soon. The zoo expressed gratitude to the care that the health team was able to give the lion in the last few weeks of her life.

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