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WA Farmers Are Aiming for a High Increase in Hemp Crops

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High Increase in Hemp Crops

Farmers in Washington have agreed to plant over 6,000 acres in 2019 after obtaining new hemp production licenses. Take a look at the full story to see what this means for Washington.

Hemp Crops in Washington Will Increase Considerably During 2019

State farmers in Washington are aiming to increase commercial hemp crop production by a significant amount compared to the previous two years.

After the Farm Bill of 2018 was signed by President Trump, hemp crops became legal across the United States. Ever since, experts have speculated that commercial hemp production would have a vastly beneficial effect on the economy.

According to reports from May 22, Washington farmers have agreed to cultivate over 6,000 acres of hemp in 2019.

Overall, 35 growers and farmers were given licenses by the WA Department of Agriculture. The state issued possession licenses that allow 21 of the growers to process the plant. And officials still need to review up to 25 other applications.

According to the officials, the Colville Indian Reservation Tribes produced around 140 acres in northeastern Washington during 2018. Due to the current nationwide rush of hemp farming, it seems that Washington is catching up to the high expectations.

Hemp Crop Laws in WA

Following the Farm Bill of 2018, Washington officials lifted some of the state restrictions. In April 2019, Governor Jay Inslee placed his signature on the hemp bill. In just two weeks after that, the number of farmers who possessed a license had doubled.

In 2017, when growing industrial hemp first became legal in WA, the crop size was approximately 175 acres.

With the hemp production increase in 2019 and the estimated figures of over 6,000 acres, Washington could become one of the top-5 producers compared to last year’s statistics. Oregon, for example, had cultivated over 7,800 acres in 2018.

Moreover, there were no comments from the Food and Drug Administration. But it will now be possible to produce CBD oil in Washington. The oil is promoted as a solution to constipation, pain, seizure, stress, illnesses, and even cancer.

Hemp Benefits

This species of the Cannabis sativa plant is vastly different from Marijuana.

Hemp can produce paper, rope, and clothing. Additionally, it can form high-quality building materials, such as fiberglass or acrylics. The plant can also be used to make industrial products like varnishes and solvents.

What’s more, there are some nutritional benefits to it. It is highly effective as a food supplement, protein powder, etc. Cosmetics such as soaps, balms, and shampoos can also be made from hemp.

With advances in Washington’s hemp program, this plant could have a bright future.

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