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My Mother’s Day Gift List

Last week I posted My Mother’s Day Wish List, not to be confused with today’s gift list…really if you didn’t read it, go read it now, it is a very dear to my heart list that I really hope we all consider this year around Mother’s Day and actually all the time!  Today’s list will help us all find the perfect gift for our Mamas (or help my hubs find the perfect gift for moi…he he he).  Even if you are not a mama, read this to the end….after all, you have a mama and if you read this post I bet you have someone in your life who could use an encouraging note and lovely gift this year around the Mother’s Day season!

Without further ado…..ALL. THE. THINGS.

Anything from this sweet gal‘s shop!  But especially these, Customizable Glass and Lava Bead Bracelet…this is great for diffusing oils…add a bottle of Stress Away and it becomes the gift that keeps giving as she wears it!

Your mama isn’t into jewelry?  Go get her this dreamy robe!


Or these adorable jammies!


What mama wouldn’t love something cute to jazz up her home???  I know I would love any of these:

il_570xN.1232970859_6yg2.jpg  il_570xN.1211965196_ourg.jpg

il_570xN.327776314.jpg  il_570xN.1289976109_ihhf.jpg

il_570xN.1099228460_8kzt.jpg  il_570xN.1226503221_ncxw.jpg

MAKE-UP!!!  Savvy Minerals Make-Up!!!

-Savvy Minerals are free from: talc, lead, bismuth, mineral oil, lead, mercury, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic colorants!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

-Savvy Minerals are made in the USA (the brushes are made in Italy).

-Savvy Minerals are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and mostly vegan (the lipsticks and lip glosses have beeswax, so they are not considered vegan).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset-Both are calming to the skin, help to absorb excess oil and moisture on the skin and make the skin feel silky smooth. This is important because most mineral makeup uses bismuth, which is a metal mineral that – when worked into the pores – aggravates the pores and causes irritation and breakouts.Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

-Savvy Minerals last ALL DAY LONG… seriously, ALL DAY LONG! You’ll look as fresh at midnight as you did at 9 AM!

If your mama loves to read, like this mama does (me), think about starting one of these Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans for her!!

Take your mama to lunch, take your mama to the spa, take your mama away for night in a hotel, take her to coffee, or take your mama on a deluxe vacation…if you can do any of these forms of taking do it, your mama deserves it!

GIFT CARDS!!   Gift cards for experiences like getting her hair done, a massage, a pedicure, movie tickets, or maybe a membership to her favorite museum!  Gift cards to her favorite lingerie store, not to be weird, but mamas need nice undergarments and rarely spend money on themselves in this way…so you don’t have to go pick out a bra for your mama but give her a gift card that she has to use on this, not to a Macy’s or some other department store either (she would just end up spending the money on you her child) make it a place she has to spend the card on herself!

While we are talking cards…GET YOUR MAMA A CARD, OR MAKE ONE!  Write the reasons you love her!  REALLY!  DO IT!  If you cannot afford anything on this list, or any list for that matter, you can still afford a hand made card or a love letter.  Your mama will guaranteed LOVE and CHERISH that letter more than anything on this list anyway!

Most importantly, give your mama your time!!  Go be with her on Mother’s Day if you can!  If you are far away (like I am from my mama) make sure to set up a Skype date, even if you have to stay up late cause your in a weird time zone!  Quality time with her babies is what your mama really wants!!

One last thing…

While you are shopping for your mama this year, would you remember someone from this list and at least drop them a quick note that expresses your love and prayers?  Okay, Thanks!

Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to order any of the items above and have them shipped to you in time to give them as the perfect Mother’s Day gifts!  While we are talking all things mama, coming soon “Mamahood Stories“, a special series of guest posts from mamas all over the world.  You won’t wanna miss it!!

FYI, this site uses affiliate links in most posts, and if you choose to purchase through the provided links, we will make a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you and the proceeds are used to fund this blog and support our family. Thank you!

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My Mother’s Day Wish List


Mother’s Day is one month away!!  For sooooo many years Mother’s Day brought me pain, like deep cutting “how am I gonna live through this day” kind of pain.  Now that I have one Mother’s Day under my belt as a mama, I am excited for Mother’s Day to come…but all the while, somewhere in the deep secret spaces of my heart I still ache on Mother’s Day…I ache for the mamas in waiting…I still hurt on Mother’s Day for my friends who are walking the dark road of infertility…and I wish (and PRAY HARD) for these waiting mamas to feel peace that passes understand on Mother’s Day (the HARDEST day of the year for some).

So, this year my Mother’s Day wish list contains these wishes:

I wish that I can be sensitive and intuitively watching out for the waiting mamas in my life on this day.

I wish to shower a waiting mama with some special love and gifts on Mother’s Day and I wish that you will feel challenged to do so as well!  Really think and pray about who that special friend is of yours who may be walking the long hard road of infertility or waiting to adopt, and write her a card, send her a gift, drop by with flowers and coffee and HUGS (yes, all the HUGS, and she will probably cry, but inside she is so appreciating that you care).

I wish to be a safe place for that waiting mama to come, a person she can pour her heart out to and cry with.  I wish to not make her feel ashamed because her body isn’t cooperating on the baby making front, but to make her feel loved and to share with her how precious she is in God’s eyes and in my own.


I wish that God will bring friends to my mind and heart that have lost babies or long for babies so that I can lift them up in prayer!

I wish that God will provide some extra cash for me to give to that adopting couple, striving so hard to raise the funds to bring their baby home…and I wish that you will feel inspired to give toward an adoption as well!

I wish that in churches all over the world the waiting mamas will be acknowledged as well…and that when the mamas are asked to stand, that the waiting mamas will feel a little less horrible sitting in their seat, because YOU will grab her hand and hold it tight during this!  I wish that mothers will be honored on Mother’s Day of course, but that also prayers for waiting parents will come from those same pulpits on Mother’s Day.

I wish for you, waiting mama, that you won’t feel like you have to hide in your room with a pint on Ben and Jerry’s all day on Mother’s Day, that you will be able to get out of bed and enjoy time with your spouse…but also, if you just can’t get out of bed, I wish for you to know that is okay, and for you not to spend one minute feeling guilty about it!

I wish for mamas of waiting mamas to understand that your daughter loves you and thinks you are the best mama ever, even if she doesn’t show it super well on Mother’s Day.  She is struggling and sad, and even though you deserve for her to drive over to your house with flowers and chocolate or to take you out to brunch, maybe this year you go love on her instead!


I wish for us all to be more sensitive (myself included) when asking people when they are going to have kids…we never know how that one question can hurt them so badly (well yes I actually do know that hurt, and I’m sorry waiting mama if I have ever inflicted it on you).

I wish for kindness and respect to flow from our lips when talking to waiting mamas this Mother’s Day…often a well meaning comment can hurt her, so really just lead with things like “I love you!  I’m praying for you!” and then stop there!  Say no more, she doesn’t need to hear more, she just needs to hear love!

I wish for all of us mamas who have our children in our arms to be careful about complaining about sleepless nights or whining toddlers!  I wish that we will bite our tongues and not share that all we want for Mother’s Day is to be alone in bed binge watching Netflix…this hurts that waiting mama!  If you truly feel this way, its okay and normal…but please, my wish this year is that you will share those feelings with your closest mama friends in the privacy of your own homes…don’t shout them from the roof tops (or facebook)!

I wish for us mamas to remember our single and childless friends that love our babies fiercely, that act as aunts and spoil them rotten…all the while they may be pining for a family of their own or wondering if they will ever get to mama someone…let’s remember them, lets treat them special…they are part of our village it is taking to raise our sweet kids and so often they are like mamas to so many, but inside feel the void of not truly being a mama.

I wish this Mother’s Day, and always actually, that we as women will build each other up and encourage each other…no matter the stage of life we are in, be it single and childless, mother of 6, waiting mama that is crying each month when she sees one line on yet another pregnancy test, or an empty nester mama that misses her kids that have gone off to college, or a grandma…let’s be kind!  Let’s love on each other and take a second to look beyond our own four walls, our own situation, even look beyond our own hurts and suffering, to think of another woman/mama/waiting mama that we could bless, encourage, love, and be there for!

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Szent Csalad Park/ Holy Family Park


Yesterday we took Agnes to the playground @ Szent Csalad Park…Szent Csalad means Holy Family!  We had actually set out to go to a different place with her but as we were about to drive by this playground I said to the hubs “quick, park the car, I have been wanting to bring Agnes here!”…so we spent a lovely few hours at the playground in the sunshine!

I didn’t know it was called Szent Csalad park until about an hour into our playground time.  Agnes was biking around and Tim was chasing her while I sat comfortably in the sun with one of the two books I’m currently reading open on the hubs smart phone I hate to admit this, but I’m being broken down about my smart phone feelings and just might end up with one…oh the convenience of books and photos and all the stuff at your fingertips as an on the go mama reading away with such delight!  Occasionally I would move my gaze from the page in my book to my surroundings, check where the hubs and child were, notice the blossoms that are popping up on the trees here now (yes I believe Spring has sprung), and that is when I noticed the sign Szent Csalad Park!


I haven’t been able to shake this thinking about “Holy Family” since seeing that little street sign at the park yesterday.  I’m pretty sure the name of the park has something to do with the Szent Csalad church across the street.  It’s a beautiful church named for the Holy family…like Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Holy family…it has a beautiful interior, I like to say the altar part of that church is like the Holy of Holies, it has paintings on the ceiling and elaborate gold trim…you know, over the top decor…not my style for home, but much appreciated for what it is worth in these old European churches.

The Holy family that I have had in my mind ever since is…and don’t take this wrong or find this boastful…is my own precious little family, the hubs, me the mama, and the little miss that God so graciously saw fit to give us!  You see we are Holy because HE is Holy…Christ who lives in me makes me righteous and blameless before God.  And His Holy plan was for Agnes to be ours…He saw it best for us three to be together forever and that AMAZES me, actually I think it will always amaze me!


GET to be Agnes’ mama and she GETS to be my baby!  It was no accident that we struggled with infertility for years!  It was no accident that we wanted to adopt (even though for years we felt hopeless to do so).  It was no accident that I ran into that friendly American lady in the coffee line at a conference in Hungary.  It was no accident that the board of psychologists and social workers picked us out of several waiting couples to present Agnes to.  It was all part of God’s plan…and His plan is higher than my plan, His ways are higher than my ways, His thoughts are higher than my thoughts…He is Holy and I truly believe it was all in His Holy plan to make us a family.  I can’t stop thanking Him today for His greatness, for His wonder, for His amazing Holy plan for our little Holy family!

This season I am in right now and all you seasoned mamas out there can email me personally once you read this and tell me I’m normal, she is normal, it’s all normal….no really please do email me and tell me we are normal of being a mama to a toddler is refining me in a new fierce way!  Our little home is filled with SO MUCH JOY, LIKE ALL THE SMILES, ALL THE SQUEALS AND GIGGLES, J O Y!  It also is at times filled with temper tantrums and defiance sometimes that defiance comes from me and my stubbornness unfortunately and an unwillingness to eat, obey, listen, clean-up, and/ or go to bed…and it leaves me feeling defeated and not good enough!  Just yesterday even, after our lovely Holy family park time, I felt completely incapable of “mama”ing her well or correctly in the afternoon/evening…please tell me I am not alone in this!!


This season is making me seek God for answers, tangible helps, for companionship, for so many things that I never thought to seek Him for before…and I am getting to know Jesus all over again it feels like at times, getting to know His goodness in all the chaos that is life with a toddler.  Out of this refining I am praying that God will give me fruits of the spirit and that I will be able to boast in His goodness through my life.

So I am left sitting here typing this in AWW of my great God that loved me so much that He died to cover my CRAP (excuse or don’t excuse the language but crap my sin was and is indeed) and make me BLAMELESS and HOLY in His sight.  Our little Holy family!  I am in aww…in the hards of raising a toddler…in the joys of raising a toddler…in the finding myself, my strengths, my weaknesses as a 30 something”er”…I. AM. IN. AWW. OF. HIM. and His unfailing love and mercy and grace toward me!

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Let me be light…a book review


We had some happy mail arrive today!!  Thanks Mum!

My sweet Mum sent Agnes two books in the mail and they came today, making us two very happy girls at bedtime.  Who doesn’t love a good new book?!?!

When God Made Light is truly a darling little book.  It was so timely for us too…not only is my dear sweet girl obsessed with the sun and moon these days, but her mama (little old me) has been thinking on the message of this book for some time too…I haven’t even spoken these thoughts aloud to anyone, yet my mum knew the book we needed!!


This book is super beautifully illustrated, and written with just enough rhyming and fun word use that Mama enjoys it as much as baby.  The book talks about God creating light, the sun, moon, and stars…and how we need the light for all sorts of things…but my favorite part of the book is when it talks about us being the light…this has been on my heart lately soo soo much!

“Cause you’re just like the sun and moon in the sky, as lustrous as twinkles that dazzle the eye.  You’re as splendid as lighting when it flashes so bright, cause on the day you were born, God said, ‘Let there be light!'”


We are the light of the world!  I love how the author Matthew Paul Turner put that “the day you were born, God said ‘let their be light!'”.  I have been thinking a lot about generosity lately (thank you Kelly Minter for your awesome study on 2 Cor that I get to do twice a week with lovely ladies) and about boldness.  I have been convicted convicted in a good way, not the guilt ridden burdensome way to be bolder with the gospel and to give more!  I have been thinking about being more positive and kind and welcoming to others.  I have been thinking about truly being the light of the world…


…And then this sweet book came.  I love how it sort of tied up all my feels I have been having lately about this…about being bolder with sharing my story with others, and including the Lord’s part in my story as I share (His part…He is my story)…about giving more, more money, more of my time, more of my resources, more of all, because it’s all His and He gives freely…about being light and hope in a dark hopeless world…and the book so beautifully said when God made me he said “let there be light”!  How precious is that!  He knew His plans for me LONG before I was made, and He knew His plans for sweet Agnes LONG before she was made…and it was that we would be light!


We seriously love books…ask my mum about how much I have always loved books…to read them even before I could read, they would be upside-down but I would be babbling along as I read my books, to write them…last night she video called me so show me some books I wrote as a little little girl, I wrote several chapters and books in a series Pine Branch Stables that I made up at the ripe age of 7, and of course I had priceless illustrations as well…that story is for another day!


My sweet  girl is following in Mama’s footsteps and loving books too!  Every day we read at least (this is a major understatement) 10 books during the day, but usually more, and every night we read our special books before bed.  We are so excited about this new addition to our collection of special bed time books!  I love the sweet message it tells.  I love that it can teach my sweet girl about God creating.  I love that it will build her up and encourage her to be light in this dark world.  I also love that it has sweet reminders for me the Mama too…reminders that I am the light, that I must shine brightly, that I must twinkle love out to others!  It is so special to get a lovely new book, and even better when it is such a special one as this!  If this book isn’t in your collection I encourage you to click this link and go order it right away!  You won’t be disappointed!

We loved it so much we plan to go order When God Made You too!  Go get yourself a copy…get a copy of each of them…give them as a gift…share them with your kids…if you teach, get this to read to your class…or just read it as an adult, its such a sweet simple reminder!

FYI, this site uses affiliate links in most posts, and if you choose to purchase through the provided links, we will make a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you and the proceeds are used to fund this blog and support our family. Thank you!

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Yes, We Do Easter Eggs & Baskets

Sunday is Easter Sunday.  It is perhaps the most special holiday of the year for us!  It is the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the grave!  He conquered death and rose up after being killed on a cross to pay for our sins!  Jesus gave himself, all of himself, for ME!  I’m blown away when I really think about this gift He gave, so freely, so willingly…and for me, a yucky sin-stained human, who definitely didn’t and still don’t deserve it.

Yes, we are a Christian family and we do celebrate Easter.  We will go to church and have a nice dinner with friends after.

But, we don’t start and stop our Easter celebration on Sunday.  We celebrate Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection DAILY!  We celebrate in our prayers and conversations with the Lord, we celebrate in the songs we sing about Jesus with our toddler, we celebrate with the books we read, we celebrate by sharing our faith in the gospel with others, we celebrate Jesus being our Savior all the time.

And yes, we will also have Easter baskets and an egg hunt at our home on Easter.  We will shower our precious little with gifts in her basket, and that is okay…my Heavenly father showers me with gifts all the time, and on the first Easter Sunday He gave His only begotten son for me, the greatest gift of all.  My daughter will enjoy hunting around the yard for eggs filled with chocolate and it will bring her much joy, and that is more than okay…my Savior wants us to live a joy filled life.

Do I want my little girl to know Jesus?  YOU BET I DO!  More than anything else!  That is why we talk about Him everyday, and not just on Easter and Christmas.  I also want to lavish my daughter with all the joys and desires of her little heart!  I want her to learn to celebrate life and the Lord and all the blessings He gives us…so we will have egg hunts till she gets too big and doesn’t want to participate praying that she is like her mama who would still gladly participate in an egg hunt as a grown up and I will fill her Easter basket to overflowing every year…further more I will fill her shoes with treats every December 6th for St. Nicolas Day, I will fill her stocking to overflowing every Christmas eve, I will bake her favorite cake for her birthday, adoption day, and name day till we are old and gray…I am her mama and being her mama has been the desire of my heart for longer than I can remember…I find joy in lavishing my little with love and gifts…and I believe my Lord finds joy in watching us His children living out the desires of our hearts!

We will talk about Jesus on Sunday, just like we talk about Him every other day of the year…and we will do fun things to celebrate as well.  Does my Agnes need to know who the Easter bunny is?  So far she doesn’t and that is okay by me, but if she discovers him it won’t be the end of the world or make us less of a Christian home…Jesus is the center and the other fun things are just little joys we get to experience!

I know there are some Christian homes that will not be allowing any bunnies or eggs or baskets into their celebration of our Savior’s rising from the grave, and I do not judge that…whether you have bunnies decorating your home for Easter or not doesn’t determine if Christ is living your heart.  Let’s all agree not to judge each other on how we celebrate and lavish our own children…and agree that our main goal should be to be bolder with our love toward others and that we should be bolder with our sharing of the gospel!

If you are doing baskets in your home this year, but haven’t gotten them together yet there is still time.  In fact you can use my sweet link here and Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.  With Prime you can get all your basket supplies and basket delivered in two days!  I’ve put together some links to help you shop for a lovely toddler Easter basket and goodies to fill it!  Happy Shopping!


Find the Perfect Basket!

Copy of Find the Perfect Basket!.jpg

coloring book//

Bubbles// chalk//


And what Easter basket would truly be complete without chocolate?!?!


I also love picture books for each holiday, and Agnes has a good little collection of Easter books already…but our favorite is God Gave Us Easter.


FYI, this site uses affiliate links in most posts, and if you choose to purchase through the provided links, we will make a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you and the proceeds are used to fund this blog and support our family. Thank you!

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Counter Sittin

We practice “counter sittin” here in our home!


My little pumpkin loves doing anything I’m doing and I LOVE to cook and bake, so that means one tiny bum sits on my counter and two tiny legs dangle over the edge…and before you report me to the safety police, there is usually one mama sized hand on one of those tiny legs.


My little helps me pour, mix, and she’s also a great taste tester.  Do I get the job done faster with all the extra help? No, not usually.  Is my kitchen much cleaner, with two sets of hands well one and a half sets, remember one hand on one tiny leg doing the work?  No, certainly not, in fact this method almost always results in a bigger mess.  Do we end up with so much more than something we can eat?  YES!  SO. MUCH. MORE.


I love these “counter sittin” times.  I love that on the counter, Agnes’ eyes are level with my eyes, and we can really chat face to face.  I love that I am passing on my love for all things in the kitchen, and I love that she is soaking it in.  I love that my little is learning real things on that counter, and I love that I am getting to teach!  I love that we have so much fun cooking together, and I love giggling the whole time with my little.  I love the confidence we both build during these “counter sittin” times; Agnes realizes she can accomplish something and loves eating her end result, and I learn that I am doing this mama thing and doing it pretty okay!


Our counters aren’t giant height, but they are several inches taller than my girl…yet she now begs me to sit on them…when we are getting her breakfast ready, she wants to sit…when I’m getting her medicine, she wants to sit…when I’m fixing her a bottle, she wants to sit…if I’m doing dishes, she wants to sit…she has no fear of the height of “counter sittin”, just complete trust in her mama and the good time she will have up there on that counter.  She doesn’t worry about falling, but instead is excited about what will be discovered up there on high!


Again my sweet little darling is teaching me.  Again my precious Lord is showing me.  As I have been pondering this “counter sittin” over the last few days I have heard in my heart a quiet invitation to climb up on high and do a little “counter sittin” myself…I’ve been taken back to when I was a tiny shrimp sitting on the kitchen counter at home with my mum…she always made me feel like I was the best cook in the whole world, she let me get creative with what we were making, and instilled an immense cooking confidence in me that I still have to this day and I still want to be creative with whatever I’m making, so following recipes is a rare occurrence for me…I’m also reminded of my “counter sittin” days at my Grammie Eva’s convenient store, usually with an ice cream or Cheetos in hand, watching her make pizzas (with canned mushrooms, oh I can taste that memory) and help customers.  I learned a lot from those high vantage points, those counters on which I sat.  Again I think it is time for me to do some more learning…I feel it stirring in me that I should climb up on my savior’s “counter” and listen and learn.


Isn’t it up high on His “counter top” where we can meet Jesus face to face?  Isn’t it up high on His “counter to” that He can look us in the face and brush our hair behind our ear and tell us how beautiful we are?  Isn’t it high up there on His “counter top” where He takes my hand and says “like this my child, stir like this, slowly, scrape the side of the bowl…oops we don’t want to get flour all over the place…”?  Isn’t it up high there on His “counter top” that He shows us how it is done, and He lets us give it a try on our own?  Isn’t it up high on His “counter top” where He says “well done, you did it my sweet girl, I am so proud of you”, and in saying these things he instills confidence in us?


As I reminisce on the moments Agnes and I just spent a couple of days ago, her tiny self on our kitchen counter with the cookie batter filled bowl next to her, I am so filled with joy.  These precious moments I get to spend with my girl, telling her how beautiful and amazing she is, speaking truths into her life and telling her how incredibly loved she is, showing her and guiding her as she learns new things, instilling confidence in her are all moments I longed for in the wait for her!  I can’t help but think of the immense joy my Lord must get out of these “counter sittin” moments with me, His Girl!  I can imagine that He loves when I climb up on that “counter top” and put my faith in Him that I won’t fall cause His hand is most assuredly on my knee.  I know it must please Him when I lean in and listen for the next bit of instruction from him, “what to pour into the bowl next, how long to stir, how many cups of sugar…”.  If I, little old human mama me, gain so much pleasure out of these “counter sittin” moments with my girl, my heavenly father must gain OH SO MUCH MORE delight in “counter sittin” moments with me!

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

~Matthew 7:11

I love how this beautiful life God has given us continues to paint live, vibrant, colorful, pictures as reminders and visuals of His goodness toward me.  I love that being a mama is a whole new season of learning and leaning in closer to Him, a whole new season of “counter sittin”.  How precious is it that God loves having me on His “counter”, even though that often means His kitchen gets much messier than if He were to cook on His own?  How sweet is it that He lets us in on the action, even though we slow down His process and might even often mess up the recipe a little, forgetting an ingredient or dumping too much in of one thing (mum, remember the salt cookies I made you and dad once when I was little?).


While putting this post together, I was reminded of Moses going up on the mountain top (counter top) to talk face to face with God.  There on the mountain top God gave Moses the law and taught him much wisdom.  There on the mountain top God gave Moses a glimpse of His GLORY…and get this, I love this part…there on the mountain top (counter top) He made sure Moses felt secure by placing him in a cleft in the rock while He let His glory pass by, or if you’ll let me paint picture this for you, He put His hand on Moses’ knee so he wouldn’t fall while “counter sittin”…can you see it?  Moses and God spending some quality time face to face.  God was teaching Moses, all the while with one hand on Moses’ knee and the other hand instructing.  He was encouraging Moses to grow and learn and try new things and He was instilling confidence in Moses to go address the Israelites.  He was showing Moses His GLORY in little glimpses, and it was a special time for the two of them…during this special time Moses put his whole trust in the Lord, while he sat with his legs dangling over the edge of the “counter” and God instructed…can’t you just picture it?


When was the last time you climbed up on the “counter” and did some “counter sittin”?  When was the last time you were so high up that your legs dangled and you had to put your complete faith and trust in the hand that was on your knee, holding you in place on that “counter top”?  When was the last time you let God look you in the face, take hold of your hand and teach you something from His higher perspective?


Do you practice “counter sittin” in your home?  Do you practice “counter sittin” with your Lord?  Let me encourage you to give it a whirl…if you are super safety conscious, go get yourself a baby bumbo seat with a seat belt if that makes you feel better…but really give it a go, I’m pretty sure you will find yourself treasuring the moments you have with your littles while they are “counter sittin”…and better yet, I’m sure you will treasure the moments you let yourself do some “counter sittin” with the Lord.

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Sunday Soul Food no.1

Happy Sunday.  Happy Palm Sunday!


This little pumpkin and I are having our usual slow Sunday morning together, readying for church, coffee drinking (well one of us), listening to worship music.


For so many years I prayed for these times…now I am just trying to soak in every second with her!  I love that she LOVES church and we talk with anticipation about Daddy coming to get us soon to take us to church.  Today she is telling me she can’t wait to see Jimmy her friend in nursery (a.k.a. “her church”).  She LOVES putting on Pretty clothes for church!  Our Sunday mornings are a treasured time!!

Today we are listening to Reckless Love over and over.  Seriously I’m obsessed with this song!  Thank you God for leaving the ninety-nine and chasing me down time and time again!

After church I’m planning to cook some yummy Shepherd’s Pie!!  Gonna use my mum’s recipe, with the addition of mushrooms (cause mushrooms make everything better).  She always used ground beef, corn, and mashed taters.  I’ll have to share our deeply complicated who am I kidding, its simple comfort food recipe on here sometime!

I love our church, and I am also excited to watch Freedom Church online later!!

I’m currently reading The Masterpiece at least a couple pages a night before bed and hopefully can sneak in some more time to read it during pumpkin’s after church nap!

Read a great post about routine this morning and am excited to sit down with my journal this afternoon.

Hoping to squeeze in just a tiny bit of work, but lots of Sabbath rest and relaxation with the hubby.  Planning to grab a couple of mugs of tea tonight on the couch with my mister, my feet being warmed under his bum (just following my own advice, #5) for some one on one chat time.  I recently read this great post that I want to share with him!  Our chats with tea at night are refreshing and needed!

What are you doing on this lovely Sunday?  Listening to anything special?  Any good sermons I should dial up on the interwebs?  What are you reading?

Join me next Sunday for Sunday Soul Food no.2!

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