Me (bio)

Hello.  Myriah Mae here…

Welcome to this space.  Truly, I wish I could welcome you into our little Budapest apartment and serve you something delish to eat.

Currently living my lifelong dream of being a mama.  The journey to mamahood was long and rough at times, we suffered (still do) the yucks of infertility for years and then went through the joys and hards of adopting.  God found me the perfect little tanned skinned girl right up the hill from our home here in Budapest and I am so glad she is mine.

Missionary teacher turned full time mama trying to navigate life, mamahood, ministry, and my oily business.

I love coffee, cooking, writing, travelling, “mama”ing, photography (though I wish I wasn’t such an amateur…and that I remembered my camera more often), studying the word with other ladies, essential oils, and if you noticed, making any words I choose into verbs!  I hope and pray this space is an encouragement to you!