Prayer & Giving


The hubs and I have been living and ministering in Budapest, Hungary as missionary teachers for almost 6 full years now.  We came to teach and serve in a wonderful little International Christian school.  The school has a very diverse student body and is truly a special place.  There were times I had like 7 nationalities represented in my little first grade class at a time.  It is so amazing to be able to touch so many parts of the world from one tiny classroom.

When we came and until we brought Agnes home, I taught First grade!!  I LOVED it.  I got to share the gospel and Christ’s love with a bunch of cute littles day in and day out.  Tim has done a little bit of everything in the school from teaching math, science, English, Bible (and several other classes, you name it-he probably taught it) to working in the admin offices where he spear-headed getting the school accredited.  This year Tim took on a new role for him, the Athletic director and gym teacher.  Over the years we have both coached sports teams, chaperoned various trips with the teens, and volunteered with the Youth Group.

Now my ministry looks a bit different…I am still spending my day with littles, one SUPER PRECIOUS LITTLE…I know my first priority is to raise Agnes up in Christ’s love and to teach her about her Savior, but God has also stretched me and grown other areas of ministry in my life as well.  He is making me a gatherer and has given me two different ladies Bible studies to host and steward in my home weekly.  In this season of “mama”ing, I have really wrestled with God about where I fit and what He has for me to do…especially now that I am not active in the school anymore…and He has been so gracious with me and faithful to provide ministry opportunities that work with mamahood.

We couldn’t be here and do what we do without the prayers of so many people.  Please KEEP PRAYING for us, for God to continue to lead us and guide us, for God to continue to grow my personal capacity for more ministry opportunities.  If you are new to this space, would you consider adding us to your prayer list also?  I truly believe in the power of prayer and humbly ask you to pray with us!

Along with your prayers, that we have definitely felt over the last 6 years, your support has been amazingly helpful as well.  God has been so faithful to provide for our every need living here on the foreign mission field, and many of those provisions came from generous supporters like you!!  THANK YOU!  If you would like to support us, click here and select Sochurek, Timothy-Budapest in the drop down menu!  Our little family of three really appreciates your support!!

We are so thankful that God called us to Budapest, that God called us to the school here, that God called us into adoption here and had our precious princess waiting for us here in Hungary, and that God has been so faithful to us here.  We are excited to keep adventuring with him here in this beautiful city!

Thank you again for your love, prayers, and support!

God bless you!